The Spirit Science and its Relation to Modern World and the year 2012

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  • Introduction

  • The Reality of Nature

  • The Quantum Action Reaction and the Reality of Nature

  • The Importance of the Law to Creation and the Reality of Nature we Live In

  • The Reality of Nature and flow of Spirit or Energy

  • The Role of Life in the Reality of Nature

  • Comprehending the Quantum Evolution and Time Cycle

  • The Secret the Spirit Revealed

  • What happens at Calvary?

  • The year 2012 and End Time

IntroductionQuantum Universal Action and Reaction In Time

The answer to the above question is simple, yet today it is made complicated. The modern knowledge taught to us in the name of science has become an obstacle to understand the reality.  The scientist of the modern world, since the advent of quantum science, several decades back, has been seeking it with out any success. The ancient who sought the secret within life and communicated with the spirit knew it and have written it elaborately, but is covered with so many layers of dust that the modern people under the influence of science and bondage to religion has failed to understand it.. Here is a simple interpretation of a researcher who freed himself from the Plato’s Chair of science and also from the bondages of religion to seek truth of nature from a point of freedom. I am sketching the foundation for you from the premises of realities we perceiver from nature, such that you can participate to build the reality both from scientific and spiritual perspective

The reality of nature as understood from the premises of what we see and perceive from nature. Science has squeezed into mathematical language to predict it in the process in the process has failed to see the oneness of nature. The realities we perceiver from nature are

1] Perpetual flow

2] Perpetual motion

It is guided by some fundamental principles. they are  

1] The principle of opposition

2] The principle to seek equilibrium or conquer the opposition

How do you account for perpetual motion in a simple manner that is comprehensible, appeals to our senses and yet go to explain all scientific and spiritual knowledge and cause a unity of it?

The answer is simple. One must assume fundamental non-equilibrium. The gravitational theory of Newton is founded on such assumption. In other words, there should be two parts to one whole, a left and right, one being dominant the other being recessive, such that a flow is possible from the dominant to the recessive.

In short, the design should have a ratio [The research proposes a 4:3 ratio]. A quantum spirit [as product of non-equilibrium design] exists in this fundamental structural design as a causative agent and creates the flow from the dominant to the recessive to seek equilibrium. This is opposed by the recessive spirit yet gives way to the superior with time such that it gives way for Quantum Dance. As the flow completes the recessive becomes dominant and the dominant becomes recessive turning the direction of the flow. One is action and the other is reaction. The act because of the non-equilibrium design creates a spinning and curved displacing motion of the system in space. This is fundamental motion and it is uniform. One can imagine here number 8 with one of the arm being big [4] and the other being small [3]. The left exist opposing the right and thus giving stability.

Flow and motion is fundamental to all system that exists in the whole. This means even a minute part of the whole has the same design as the whole and produces the uniform motion in relation to the whole. This is a truth perceived by us almost everyday. When the environment heats up, every system in it is forced to unwind and heat up proportionally, when it cools it is forced to wind and cool proportionally.

In a spatial vision the above right and left ratio can be imagined as inner and outer. The spirit here moves from the center to the outside and out side to the center causing inside out and outside in process ”“ transformation.  This gives two directions to Time, one moving from the center to the periphery and the other periphery to the center. It is the expansion and contraction of the universal system. The process manifest as pulsation or breath of the Living Universe and is a circular wave moving from the center to the outside and returning to the center creating  a inside out process.

All subjects with in the whole should have similar pulsation. Here the principle aspect of nature is to attain equilibrium but it is opposed by design. There is two parts to whole, one inner and the other outer. The inner and outer are different worlds and they are linked by the spirit. This gives us a simple design of perpetual existence.  Can the spirit attain some form of equilibrium? Let us explore

The Quantum Action Reaction and the Reality of Nature

The quantum action is 4 critical step process each containing 3 minor units. It is a spatial winding phenomenon of two opposing forces in nature. As the winding reaches the first critical point, it collapses into relative state. As it reaches the second critical point, it forms a perfect relative state of equilibrium. This is the only form of equilibrium the system can attain. Here the two arms of the number eight are equal and it is held in balance by the opposing spirits, which are one. Here the system is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. In other words, it exists between to limits. The spirit is spread in the whole field and forms the communicating media balancing the whole system. It is the media of instantaneous communication and all energy transaction occurs with its mediation. There are two spirits here one dominant the other recessive. Between the two spirits, exists the truth of nature. See figure -1. The vision holds the scientific and spiritual Truth of Nature. The minds seeking the reality of nature can find the foundation here to build. Let me however travel little more along with you…

Quantum Universal Action and Reaction In Time insert image left aligned

The important points to be noted are

1] When we extend the above imagination into space we are visualizing inner outer twined to form a balance.

2] The original seat of reality [where the forces of the two spirits converge] becomes off centered. The structural design of created and pulsating whole now has a geometric center. A balance now comes into being from the fundamental design of non-equilibrium by the action of two spirits- The spirit of the male and female. This design very much shows up in the design of human life, where the primary functional unit, the heart, [center of the life and its existence] exist off centered and the mind that is created becomes the center of the structure. Life by ignorance becomes centered on this created illusionary center. The thin line separates us from the truth of nature [the creating entities] and we get lost in complexity.

The complexity comes from a simple reality. Since the fundamental instinct of all system is to balance around the second critical point and the system instinctively works to exist around it, when it is pushed to the to the first or the third critical point, it can resist by adding matter by bonding. One can imagine here the weights added in order to balance a balance.

The Importance of the Law to Creation and the Reality of Nature we Live In

We must note that the system is wound and balanced around a second critical point and it is stable and balanced between two points. If you push, the system to third critical point it then collapses and goes into reaction. A process of turning inside out that leads to initialization begins. The reaction is inversion and exchange of left and right [inner and outer] of the system such that the flow direction changes. This aspect is dealt in detail in the site – System Design of Nature

It is important to note

1] The system is balanced around the second critical point and this is the state in which the system wishes to exist forever. Thus, the above balanced system is guided by a law and functions around this law. The law thus becomes principle to its existence. The law states that one should not seek the center. It means not to conquer and corrupt the center. It means to say not to push the system to the third critical point where the system is forced to collapse into reactive state.

In still simple terms not to charge the environment [the points in space] more than it hold and create imbalance. Much of the instabilities of the modern world, both at the individual, family, community, national [social levels] and also the instabilities of the environment are related to it.

2] The law invariably means that there exists an entity within the system that disturbs the equilibrium and pushes it to the third critical point ”“ The principle to understanding nature exist in knowing this entity. This entity is none other than human beings who have set out to conquer the unconquerable. Thus the great Vedic Science considered the Knowledge of Self  [ I] as the highest knowledge

3] A reaction can also occur if the system is pushed back to the first critical point.

The Reality of Nature and flow of Spirit or Energy

The reality of nature, that has to be underlined is that  –
“One whole is twisted to form two with a law not seek the center”.
The reality of spirit is what we live in. It is reflected in day and night cycle that gives energy and sustains everything. The day and night cycle spans 24 unit comprises of  two cycles of 12, one light and the other dark, one is embedded in the other in a inseparable way, supporting and balancing each other. Each of this cycle contains 4 units of 3. Number 3 is fundamental to energy transfer. It is proven fact in science. [See article – Secret of 3] It is the point at which left turns right and a quantum qualitative displacement occurs in space involving energy exchange within the system and between the systems.

The reality of nature and energy transfer can be understood from this day and night cycle to which we are exposed. As the west awakes to light and unwinds the east sleeps and winds forming a sink for this energy. As the light peaks in the west, the seed of darkness is sowed in it and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and the seed of light is sowed in it. A instantaneous communication thus exists between the left and right of the system and form the essential aspect of nature and its communication to maintain the balance. The earth thus acts as a double pump or the heart of the universe in terms of energy flow in nature and the whole universe works constantly to maintain the balance between the left and right of the system.

The Role of Life in the Reality of Nature

There is an important aspect, which exist discovered but failed to catch the attention of scientist and intellectuals who are caught in material vortex and exploitation of material world. All matter is gravitational and tend to work as a centripetal force pointing to a collapse. [The third critical point discussed in the above action and reaction]. However, life in contrast to matter is Anti-gravitational. By its instinct, it works against Gravity and time direction directed to the collapse. The second law applied to living and non-living system speaks this truth. When material nature tends from order to disorder, the living system tends form order to greater order. This becomes evident when we look at life, its instinctive process and actions. All the living system that is existing in the above reality, exist supporting the one universal system abiding to the law working in unison with the day and night cycle and natural law of creation. The only exception is the humankind made in the image of God. By the term image of God, I mean that the design of the Living Universe and the design of the Human Living Particle are similar. [See article Physics of Soul]. The relationship could be equated to billions cells formed from one single cell. Each cell being formed to the left and right of the center and is given a particular position in space/ time. They contain all the information and have the potentiality of the whole but are limited in position and are bound by the law with the whole. Any attempt to conquer the center breaking the law eventually upsets it self and the whole.  Humankind that becomes self-centered accumulates energy in negative form. This is where much of the dark energy that the world is searching for is situated.

Comprehending the Quantum Evolution and Time Cycle

In the above vision of the universe, earth, sun and our solar system, that inhabits life becomes central to the universe and it existence between two limits in pulsating manner. Here the human being [made in the image of God] and his action calls for importance. Humankind ends up using the knowledge revealed to him to advance his “self”. He ends up in using it to conquer, corrupt nature, and its life. He creates a direction to time that eventually leads into a reaction. In the initial stages of research, this sent a frightening chill along my spine. I could only visualize destruction of humanity that is exploiting nature recklessly and corrupting it in a competitive manner. Very clearly, we are in the expanding state and I realized danger on two important counts

1] We have no way to determine where we are in the expanding state and what its limit is 

2] The reckless exploitation of the natural resources is releasing immense heat into the system and is driving the quantum wave associated with quantum world at greater and greater speed and it is bound to reach eventually the critical limit at which it collapses into reactive sate.

3] The humankind being ignorant of the importance of day and night cycle to energy transfer and neutralization process,  is interfering into the natural capacity of the system to heal it self, thus the system is getting diseased with accumulation of negative energies not only in human consciousness but also in the nature beneath the earth and the atmosphere [ Note ancient ”“ medical systems of the east specially Ayurveda and Acupuncture are rested on the knowledge of dealing with negative energies accumulated in nature. This clearly tells that they were aware of the fundamentals of nature than the modern man]. The releases of these negative energies are the cause of war and terrorism, increased natural catastrophes and it is bound to increase in parallel with time.

This meant that unless humankind realizes the interrelationship and oneness of nature and restricts his negative actions on nature one is bound to have sudden-collapse sooner or later when the negative energies will devour the positive causing a destructive phase transition. This realization led me to knock the doors of temples of science and powers leading the world, hoping to discuss the matter. However, they remained deaf and left me frustrating.  The Loving Mother Nature however led me one more step ahead to Her Master -The Spirit. When I submitted to the Master without any condition, He revealed His Reality. His reality is Love and He manifested as pure Intelligence or light that guides life and restores the balance. He revealed the secret of Moksha, Nirvana and what it means to be Born Again. 

The Secret the Spirit Revealed

The secret the spirit revealed was simple. Nature is living and is constructed on Love and the Spirit guiding it gives forth Love. The living system is inherently designed to survive. The process is not sudden but a controlled non-linear phenomenon. All living system is gifted with a process to survive time. The living system conquers time, by a process of reduction of the essence and entry of male’s essence into the body of the female, where it mixes with essence of the reduced female, to create a new body out of the old to rest. [I am writing essence because there exists something beyond genes in a life”“ See Article “Beyond Genes” and “Physics of Soul”]. In this process, the life conquers time and survives. It should be noted a child in the womb makes one cyclic movement against the mothers flow before aligning to the path of emergence.

The question remained does this living universe has a similar process to conquer time and initialize it?  Yes was the answer from the spirit. The understanding of this process brought my research to a grand finale. The secret of how the universal system conquers time and initializes it self revealed in the philosophy of Christ and the Secret of Calvary.

[Note – I am not advocating a religion, I am speaking the philosophy behind a New Science that is emerging. All science is based on philosophy. The reader who shows patience will discover that all religions point to the same essence or the goal. I am  speaking the spiritual truth, which accounts for both science and spirituality and takes us to the goal, the goal of surviving the Quantum Universal Wave Collapse and Time Initialization]

The philosophy of Christ speaks the importance of Love. Specially Forgiving Love that helps reduces friction and converts the negative energies caught up in human consciousness/body and Earth’s core/environment into positive one. It is different from all other philosophies in this respect. The philosophy of Christ does not fit to the picture of God as the most powerful and undefeatable that humankind carries. Here lies the Secret of Christ and Conquering of Time. It was the feminine way to conquer.

The first part of the Bible speaks of creation and failure of created to uphold the law and thus calling upon death to the created world. Second part of the Bible tells how a plan is executed to conquer death and take us back to life. Its fulfillment is supposed to happen when God’s spirit reveals and leads every one to the KINGDOM Of GOD. It tells us that the Christ is the Son of God, the heir to His Kingdom. He was conceived by the spirit and sent to this world as a sacrifice to conquer and restore the world back to Him. Christ made the Sacrifice He was called for. His spirit diffused into body to live with the people.  He said he will come to complete the victory and restore the Kingdom to God and warned about a Judgment. Bible tells us that he showed the path to conquer death. Jesus called on his followers to follow His path. Bible tells us that this sacrifice was made when there was not a human left on earth who was worthy of God.

Let us now analyze this philosophy. First, we must note that his philosophy has elements of all great ancient and modern spiritual knowledge. The great Vedas, which actually is a science of nature, tell us that the universe was created by the self – sacrifice of creator spirit named “Brahman”. I do not wish to go deeper to point the unity of all spiritual writings.  The day fundamentals written in this article and the site are understood the walls of religion will break down for every one to see this truth and bring unity, order and peace.

Now let us try to visualize the truth of Christ from a scientific and Logical perspective. Lord or God is assumed to be Judge perceiving and making judgment.  

The concept of Judge and balance has three entities the Judge, the left and the right among which the judgment has to be made. We noted this aspect in Figure -1. The Judge here is the spirit and it has two elements the dominant and recessive [male and female]. When everyone is found guilty, the concept of balance breaks and one is left with two entities, the Judge and the one to be judged. The law cannot be executed in such situation. The Judge need to get back the lost ones and restore the balance. In short, the spirit should work to restore the balance. This can only be done by giving space, freedom and free will to human to explore, experience the futility of his quest and then return to Him. The incarnation of God and his participation in war to uphold justice is pictured in Hindu philosophy. Two Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are written from it. The Scripture Bhagavad-Gita is assumed as the direct narration of the laws of nature by the Lord to warrior Arjuna to make him understand the need to fight the war. The warrior Arjuna seeing his relatives and his guru in the battle field fails to take the weapon into his hand to fight and then the Lord reveals Himself as a breath and speaks the secret of Vedas and tells him that the highest goal of human life is to protect Justice and seek Moksha. He tells he has come to lead you in this war with absolute knowledge of the whole. He is a incarnation to uphold justice on earth.

As the law is broken and human being begins to seek the center with inferior “self” manifesting as conquering motive and corruption. He causes a centripetal force stressing the center. [Note- the ancient Veda elaborates on “self” and tells us that the knowledge of “self” as the highest knowledge]. This process results in loss of vital energy and it gets stored as negative energy in human consciousness. It stresses the spirit that supports universal life or the breath of the world. As it reaches the critical point and death becomes imminent, the spirit simply escapes the center and begins to unwind and exposing the two faces of his one reality for reconstruction process by giving free will to humanity. How does this process happen?

There is a process in life that mimics this phenomenon of revival and reconstruction and initialization. The two genes that go to form a information and controls the functioning opens up from time to time [ mitotic division] becomes a template to construct new out of the old so that the system survives. The one that opened will return to take control when the reconstruction is complete. Breath of life that revitalizes life also follows a similar process. See “Physics of Breath”. In addition to mitotic division that supports life, it is also supported with second reconstruction called meiotic division that Creates New Individual out of two individuals which are one – male and female. Here the pairs of genes separate, the essence of the father along with the reduced information  enter the body of the female to unite with reduced essence of the female to take control of the body and information to create a new body out of the old for it to rest.

Note this thinking invariably means in space-time, biological unit of information is not paired as we think but has a new dynamic dimension. The simplest biological information is a 2-paired unit. [See article Beyond Genes] This becomes self evident when we extend the figure-1, into space, to accommodate the East /West and North / South direction. This means the Universal Spirit consist of two pairs. Each of them contains two components the dominant and recessive. The first pair is dominant and controlling [God spirit], second pair is different from the first and is inferior to it [The Evil spirit].  It exist mixed up in creation as an assistive factor helping the system to make it cyclic. This is symbolized by darkness with out which the importance of light cannot be understood. It is to this evil force man becomes captive out of ignorance of the whole and because of breaking the law

What happens at Calvary?  

The Spirit of Father hides its masculine face, flows to the recessive, and makes it dominant. The process makes it move from the central dimension to dimension of the body. It takes birth in a human body -The Christ. A faithful woman is chosen for it. [Any further explanation about this point will be sent on request]. Simplest way we can understand Christ is to view Him as product of evolution of Humankind against time directed to the center. Just imagine a sphere and try to fill it with small sphere, one will end up in a sphere that is unique that has no pair and it is not related to anything in space and yet related to everything in space and becomes the miniature of whole in the middle. Imagine here some one winding the whole system, the central sphere now winds in opposite way and as the third critical  state reaches, the collapse begins. The “center sphere” would have squeezed out in to the field from which the winding force happens.

Now that the center no longer exists at the center, the forces acting  from left and right cross each other and is directed to the periphery. In other words, the time direction to the center is reversed. The system becomes random and friction increases and the system begin to expand. [Note the forces on left and right are not equal. Equal forces can never produce any action] the whole picture is random world that is expanding through friction, which reaches a critical limit and starts to collapse. Now the system begins to open and then collapse with opposite twist and during the process “central system” goes one cycle the opposite way, returns to its original place, and takes control of the system. The Judge takes control before the collapse.

The turning of time directed to the center and death of whole, involved only one life, the life of Christ. It was the minute initial pulse that non-linear scientist seek to explain the origin of the universe. But the situation is different when the collapse of the wave occurs at the periphery and time turns to initialize it self by collapsing. It could be equated to a mother giving birth to a child. Every cell of the mother feels the pain, the whole energy of the body need to be directed to the process of Birth and Birth brings Joy

The significance of Calvary sacrifice escaped human comprehension. The Living Truth and message formed another religion. Christianity began to amass wealth in the name of Christ. Some where along messenger came in the form of Mohammad and his preaching again formed another powerful religion. 

When much of the wealth in the west was in the hands of Church and Church was virtually began to rule, the science came into being, taking the rule from the Church  today it remains subordinate and witness to material quest of humanity that led to the Quantum Universal Wave Collapse. Christian dominated west, armed with material power, is set out to recklessly exploit and conquer the world, mongering for war with hidden agenda, with least respect to law of the father [UNO]. The elder brother has become a danger to the family. The recessive by right has turned to terrorism to oppose the unilateral exploitation. This situation is further aggravated by increased natural catastrophes and climatic change to make human life miserable and uncertain. Clearly, there appears a design factor working behind all these developments and all of it will give way to joy the day the Real knowledge emerges from the womb. It is bound to happen before collapse – the spirit will chose one more human in submission to him to deliver this. That completes his Love for humanity. 

The year 2012 and End Time

The sign of end time predicted in the Bible are there to see. You do not have to read Bible and know this truth, just stand up and observe nature and developments taking place around you. I could perceive the danger two decades back as I began my search for truth and unification knowledge and it made me to give up my career in Biotechnology to stay with my consciousness and walk in to freedom to communicate with nature and its spirit. I was not sure when the collapse occurs. However I was sure that humankind cannot survive unless he evolves into new dimension of knowledge that brings out the inter relationship and oneness of nature that dissolves all partial knowledge’s, both spiritual and scientific and bring its unity.  

Since 2000, I began to feel something is happening to the world. I began to write and by 2001, I began to travel to the city from my village to keep the new fundamentals nature revealed on the net and put an end to my struggle and concentrate on the applied aspect.  By 2002, I shifted to nearby town and found an access to the internet to explore the knowledge base of the world. My attention zeroed in on Mayan culture. Mayans are supposed to be time keepers of the world and their science tell us that by 2012 December, the time ends and new time begins. It is bases on certain alignment in space. See web site www.2012.com.au  There have been great many interpretation of this conclusion, some destructive and some constructive. The best of those interpretations is transformation of the world to higher knowledge and return of the order to the world. This truth is also concealed in Second Coming. Even Vedas speak of such transformation from darkness to Light. The revelation of nature/spirit and the duty to which I am called for, appeared more vital at this point to me than never before. I retreated from my attempt to move into applied aspect, but concentrated to further my struggle to take the knowledge revealed to me humanity. Only knowledge that breaks the boundaries of religion and advances science to higher level has the potentials to save humanity from impending destruction, where religions and nations are clashing with the mighty power of matter, calling upon self -destruction and wrath of nature.

This meant we are in the most turbulent period of existence where the whole system is trying to initialize into new time cycle. It is time we understand the unity and become conscious. The Gravastar is collapsing, it is time we take control through mass transformation and conversion of negative energy [dark energy] into positive energy of life and order.