The World is Ending

Global warming, nuclear terror, overpopulation. They are all signs of problems building up on each other saved by temporary remedies. If you look at it there will 12 billion people by 2050 right? By then maybe most of us will be dead but there are people who believe in recarnation so if that is a probability then we will all be doomed to be shoulder to shoulder by our bretheren. Nuclear weapons are starting to be a BIG issue over there in North Korea, how can you trust a madman like Kim Jong Il?

This is the sign if one doesn’t destroy us the other one will. Global warming caused by the very fabric that helps us in everyday life, it looks like right now scientist do not have a way to prevent it. There’s a meteor that scientist predict thats going to hit the Earth in 2019 the diameter of about 3 miles, well hopefully by then we’ll develop something that won’t destroy us in the involvement of destroying our target in the first place.

Look I’m pretty sure if that is solved in our lifetime then new problems will erupt that are 100x as worst. Theres no stopping our eminate deaths. All this talk about aliens, I’ve seen in this site that a CIA agent that was in the government for 20 years? He said he has seen and heard of the races,”Hatchets and Grays” whats all that about more problems erupting after another its going critical here people.

I’m thinking here that the government is in some kind of agreement with the aliens I’m guessing, he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. If anyone has anything for this contact me at my email address- [email protected] anything to put this madness at rest, or if you know any conspiracies.