There’s Something Demonic about that Nicki Minaj”¦

If you’re watching this season of ‘American Idol,’ then you’ve already been exposed to one of their latest judges ”“ Nicki Minaj. There’s one thing for a performer to create a unique persona that attracts the attention of people they’d like to support their music, and then there is another thing to claim that your actions are guided by voices in your head. With a quick rise to stardom, Nicki Minaj has admitted to listening to ‘voices’ or ‘alter egos’ that come out during her performances. One of the most disturbing is named Roman, who she describes as an ‘angry gay boy ”“ full of rage.”

Nicki Minaj’s most recognizable alter ego Roman is an irritated, aggressive loud voice that uses a great deal of explicit language and references. During interviews, the performer has repeatedly referred to Roman as her ‘protector’ and that he allows her to say the things that [she] “doesn’t’ want to say.” She states that Roman was ‘born’ out of rage, and says that ‘he’ threatens to beat people and that he’s violent. All along, Minaj says that Roman is ‘inside of her.’

Interestingly, as Minaj exhibits this voice, her eyes get larger (nearly bulging) and looks almost demonically possessed. She states that she’d like Roman to leave, but that he’s not going anywhere and that ‘other people’ have conjured him up, so he’s ‘here to stay.’ These are the kinds of statements that have led some to believe that Minaj is under some sort of mind control, if not possessed by demons. She’s also undergone various enhancements to achieve a look that is more appealing to the public, which makes it much easier for young girls to emulate Minaj and more men to become attracted to what she has to say.

Creating different identities is nothing new for Minaj. She has spoken of inventing ways to escape a broken household by making her “fantasies a reality” by using different identities ”“ her first being one named ‘Cookie.’ Other ‘alter egos’ that Nicki Minaj currently displays include:

  • Martha, Roman’s Mother ”“ Supposedly the voice of reason, this voice has an accent from London that disapproves of Roman’s tendencies.
  • Barbie ”“ A sugary sweet, ultra-feminine personality that usually appears in songs where Nicki is exhibiting sensual, seductive behaviors or lyrics.

Nicki Minaj’s past adds an interesting twist to her rise towards stardom. Before fame, an old video shows an alleged Minaj looking like a rugged tomboy dressed in typical men’s attire. In a stairwell of a building (holding a wad of cash), a makeup-free Minaj wears a hooded sweatshirt over her head as she speaks in circles into a video camera.

Pictures of Onika Tanya Maraj (Nicki’s real name) before she became famous are much different than the glitter, sparkle, color and flamboyant attire we know today.  In less than two years, Minaj has become one of the highest paid, top-grossing, most sought-after entertainers in the industry. Because of this, she has been dubbed an ‘Illuminati Puppet.’ It is said that handlers have created this ‘monster’ to appeal to the public ”“ making it much easier for them to absorb the things she says and become influenced by the messages she sends out.