There’s Talk in South Africa of a ‘Satanic’ Plot’ Headed by Drug Companies

In recent news, there have been some very serious accusations thrown around in regards to the way multi-national drug companies are overseeing the availability and distribution of their life-saving medications to the people of South Africa. Some of the harshest allegations have stemmed from the health minister of the country referring to the actions of drug firms as being ‘satanic’ and ‘genocidal.’ While it is unlikely that the drug companies are in it to serve the Devil, there might be some truth to the companies serving a different agenda, and it has a little something to do with the New World Order.

The New World Order is a theory centered a very specific group of people with an agenda to run the government in a much different way than it is today. The world would undergo the changes of a one-government totalitarian state. The elite and wealthy will rule with an even more iron fist than before, while the rest of the public are left to suffer. Secret societies, such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons, are thought to play a significant role in the changes that the New World Order would bring.

One of the theories associated with the New World Order agenda is that those pushing for it would like to kill off a huge percentage of the worldwide population. Some have already surmised that people in power have intentionally found ways to affect the population in a negative manner. Past accusations include third world countries being used as ‘guinea pigs’ when testing out drugs with unknown complications, or purposefully injecting people with medications that do more harm than good.

What it all boils down to is the people and businesses that hold the most wealth and influence are in a better position to control the general public. This is why it’s no surprise when pharmaceutical companies are deemed ‘satanic’ or ‘genocidal’ in their ways. They use their power to control the outcome of vital health concerns, and make the public dependent on the medications that they choose to release.

Drug companies are also in control of billions of dollars that influence research, as well as the discovery of new cures that would most likely put them out of business in certain sectors.

It’s hard to trust companies that make their money by taking advantage of people who are sick and in need of drugs to keep them alive or treat a debilitating disease. Oftentimes, these drugs are costly, which is what keeps pharmaceutical companies in high demand. Eliminate the need for these drugs, and it means money out of their pockets. It would seem that these companies would do anything NOT to release medications that could potentially lessen their overall profits…which brings us to the recent news in South Africa.

According to a Mail Guardian newspaper interview, South Africa’s health minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, is accusing drug companies of developing a “plot to rig patent laws’ which he deems as ‘satanic’ and ‘genocidal.’ Drug firms seem to be trying everything in their power to ruin patent reforms that would decrease the cost of medicine, and Motsoaledi has referred to this as a conspiracy of ‘satanic magnitude’.

The current laws in South Africa permit firms to renew patents indefinitely by changing small details in the composition of a drug. Reforms would change all of this, and allow patents to expire, and open the door for the legal production of generic versions of these drugs. The South African government is seeking to make life-saving treatments more affordable for the more than six million South African with AIDS.

Motsoaledi felt compelled to comment on his views regarding pharmaceutical companies after the release of documents that detailed the strategies of lobby groups trying to sway drug reform policy.