What is Time? It’s continuously moving, sometimes we want it to stop, sometimes we want it moves faster. Everybody feel it as relative. When you enjoy something, you often feel the time pass faster than when you suffer. This relativity of time is really felt by our mind and body. How can it be like this? How about physics law? How about the clock which seems to keep track of the “real” time? In fact, every clocks have their own relative time and “real” time doesn’t exist. Experiments have been done on two clock with different altitudes. Each one show a different time. More the clock is near the center of the Earth, more its time goes quicker. Gravity seems to accelerate time. Furthermore, the theory of relativity says that if you could travel to the speed of light, you ll never see the time changing. Indeed, the theory of relativity say that time is relative to the speed of light. It is the constant on which the space-time world is build.

At the beginning of the universe, it is known that the time didn’t exist and its first existence was during the first existence of our universe. Time can be defined as the result of changes in the universe. Changes make the time real. You see and feel time as you see and feel changes in the world. If no evolution would be happening, you wouldn’t feel time, it even wouldn’t exist anymore. At the beginning of the universe, particles start to move, so changes occurred and so time born. Time, described as imaginary make more sense. Indeed, the theory of relativity have no sense anymore at its singularity: the creation of the universe, where its density is infinite and time doesn’t exist anymore.

Quantum physics see time as imaginary and so are capable to explain the beginning of the universe. Time is like an illusion necessary to explain the universe as the imaginary numbers are necessary to explain some mathematical ideas. During your sleep, you don’t feel time but when you wake up, you know that some time have been spent. It seems that only consciousness seems to be a detector of time. Clocks are moving, they are the expression of time but only our consciousness make us aware of the change in the clock. If we wouldn’t have memory, we wouldn’t be able to feel time neither if we wouldn’t have consciousness.