Tools of a Witch I

When it comes to witches, there are certain symbols and tools associated with their image. Some of the things linked to witchcraft and being a witch are traditional notions, while others are less known. In this article, you will learn about some of the tools of a witch, such as the athame and pentacle.

An Athame

The athame is a traditional dagger that witches used during rituals. Most often, it had a black handle and came with a steel double-edged blade. The handle or the blade of the dagger could also have engravings of symbols associated with magic, such as references to the elements, spirits, or deities. The athame was used when a witch wished to command power. The notion was that power passed through the dagger when casting circles, doing away with negative energy, and charging objects. The dagger is strictly associated with magic and is never used for cutting. In regards to the connection to the elements, the athame is mostly linked to Fire and Air.  

The Pentacle  

With ties to ceremonial magic, the pentacle is a traditional tool of witchcraft. The pentacle is generally a round solid disc with an engraving or painting of an upright five-pointed star enclosed inside a circle, which is known as the pentagram. A pentacle can be made out of wood, stone, or copper.

Some pentacles will display the symbols of spirits, deities, the elements, or other associations to power. You may find a pentacle at the center of an altar where objects are left to become charged with energy or consecrated. Some place charms, amulets or other tools of witchcraft on the pentacle. Blessings may include water and salt as part of a ritual. The pentacle is a symbol of the elements of Earth, which some believe can be used to call upon gods and goddesses.


We see in depictions, such as Harry Potter, that a wand comes in pretty handy in witchcraft. Those who study magic see the wand as one of the most recognizable tools of a witch. When it came to making a wand in the past, there were a few requirements. The wood had to come from a scared tree, such as the elder, oak, apple, peach, hazel, willow, or cherry. As times changed, the wand did too. Modern-day materials are used to make wands, which now even have embellishments, such as gems or crystals at the tips.

The wand is used as a tool of invocation , when an individual wished to stir up spirits, gods and goddesses. Some people use the wand to grant blessings, charge items, and make a connection with the moon during a ritual. In most traditions, the wand represents the element of air, while some see it as a way to make a link to fire.