Treating Amnesia Using Herbal Remedies

While doing a little research, I came across a few articles that state you can actually treat amnesia by using herbal remedies. I actually find it hard to believe as amnesia deals with the partial or complete loss of memory. While there are varying degrees and kinds of amnesia that can strike anybody at any age, can herbal remedies ease the symptoms in someone who is older or patients suffering from a mental disorder? I’ll put out the facts and let you decide.

Symptoms of Amnesia

When a person forgets words and names, they are displaying the most common form of this disorder, which is referred to as verbal amnesia. The more uncommon type of amnesia involves a temporary lapse in memory, where a person may lose sight of his or her own identity. They will appear to have forgotten or cannot recall their own name, age, or any ties to the past. They are also oblivious to the background of their family and friends.

What Causes Amnesia?

While injury is the most well known of culprits behind a temporary loss of memory (often portrayed in the movies), the main reason one may encounter a bout of amnesia is when the brain cells become altered by disease. This may cause a direct or indirect effect, but usually it is a weakened blood supply caused by a disease attacking the circulatory system. There are also psychological causes and a weakness of the brain that leads to amnesia.

Suggested Natural Remedies for Amnesia

Common, everyday items that you may find in your refrigerator or kitchen are associated with natural treatments regarding amnesia. It is important to note in this article that I am in no way promoting these remedies as safe and true , they are simply a few things to ponder and research on your own, as they have been collected across the Internet. They include:


Apparently, rosemary has always possessed ties with memory loss or forgetfulness. During ancient times, the Romans and the Greeks would produce scented distilled water that used the flowers of the rosemary plant in an attempt to inhale a concoction that would remove the presence they believed would damage the mind and memory. Some people use rosemary as a remedy for treating a weakened mental state, as well as forgetfulness. Preparing a tea using the herb is suggested, which is then taken once or two times per day. The drink may also cause mental alertness as well.


In order to revitalize a poor memory, it is suggested to embrace almonds, which has been associated with treating weakness of the brain. It is believed that almonds contain components that possess the ability to strengthen the brain and remove barriers. It is said that almonds have the capacity to enhance the vitality of the brain. Overnight, place about 10 to 12 almonds in a glass of water and remove the outer skin at the start of a new day. Create a fine paste that is then mixed with one teaspoon of butter. It is suggested to inhale 10 to 15 drops of almond oil through the nose, once in the morning and once in the evening.


When treating a weak memory or amnesia, the herb sage has proven beneficial. Sage works on the cortex of the brain, which dissipates an exhausted mental state. The ability to stay focused is enhanced. Try a tea containing dried sage leaves that is then used as a regular remedy.

Cumin Seeds

To treat amnesia and a dull memory, cumin seeds are considered quite advantageous, as three grams of black cumin seeds work well when mixed with two teaspoons of pure honey that is then used as a daily treatment. It is best to pursue this remedy in the morning.