Treating Common Baby Problems With Herbal Remedies 2

ChamomileEaraches, rashes, eczema, and hyperactivity are just some of the common baby problems that both parent and child must deal with. In this article, we will explore some of the possible causes for these ailments, as well as corresponding herbal remedies to consider.




Some parents may notice that their child exhibits a little bit energy and inability to focus. This hyperactivity might be the sign of a more pressing issue that a doctor should take a look at. If you are interested in treating hyperactivity, you should first look into the diet of your child before trying out alternative measures of treatment.


For starters, you should control the intake of food associated with your child, such as keeping them away from unnecessary additives, and sugar-filled foods. Next, you may give your child a ½ cup of weak agrimony and self-heal tea. When preparing this herbal remedy, you should add a little pasteurized honey to the tea, which should be given on a daily basis. The tea can be prepared by added 10 grams of dried herb to 500 ml of water.




One of the most common times that a baby will experience an earache is during the start of weaning. This condition has been known to also become a reoccurring disturbance. Before turning to an herbal remedy, you may also want to check to see if your child is suffering from an allergy to milk. Sometimes, babies have been known to react better to soymilk concoctions that regular milk from cows.


You may also place a small amount of infused mullein oil in the ear of a child and cover it with a cotton ball. Make sure you are very careful when dealing with a baby’s ear, and avoid placing anything inside of the ear if the child is suffering from ear perforation.


Rashes and Eczema


Just with adults, rashes can be a rather irritating condition to deal with. Most times, the rashes that babies develop are actually a more disturbing appearance than feeling. Sometimes, the cause of eczema can be combated easily once you find out and pinpoint a food allergy as the source of rashes. When it comes to using herbal treatments to stop rashes and eczema in their tracks, consider the following remedies:


For children affecting by diaper rash, parents may bathe the rash with heartsease infusion, followed by an application of pot marigold ointment. When the itching seems to be unbearable for your child, you can apply a lotion to affected areas. To create a lotion, you will combine 50 ml of nettle juice with 50 ml of distilled witch hazel, which are then mixed with five drops of rosemary oil.


Herbal remedies are a great way to treat all members of the family, no matter what stage of life they are in. Be on the lookout for articles that will alert the public to herbal remedies for the elderly, teenagers, and mid-lifers.