Treating Head Lice, Cuts, and Scratches with Herbal Remedies

There are numerous ailments and medical woes that a child encounters during his little life. While bedwetting is more of a psychological and sometimes physical matter, there are also a wide-range of infections that may cause this action. Additional issues, such as nits, upset stomach, diarrhea, and cuts and scratches are a few other common things that kids encounter. Below are a few herbal remedies to consider when these particular problems arise.




Maybe you aren’t familiar with this term used to describe a rather embarrassing and unattractive childhood condition, but head lice is a quite a common occurrence within schools. Parents should look towards the scalp and the nape of the neck for eggs. When you are interested in treating this condition through a natural approach, you might want to turn towards tea tree oil. This remedy can be put on a fine-toothed comb and run through the hair on a weekly basis until the problem disappears.


You can also create a shampoo that can be used to treat head lice. Try combining thyme and tea tree oil to 250 ml of a regular shampoo mixture. 5 ml of each of these herbs should be used to create the shampoo. Throughout a week, you should wash your child’s hair two to three times per week.


Cut and Scratches


When it comes to childhood memories, there are plenty of occurrences and events that center on an assortment of cuts and bruises. Whether you fell off of your bike or skateboarded off onto the sidewalk, there are scars that tell a story. With your child, you will encounter your fair share of scary cuts and bruises and when you want a remedy that is natural and safe; you should turn towards some of the herbs listed below:


You may create a tincture for the treatment of cuts and scratched when adding 5 ml of marigold to 500 ml of boiled water. Next, bathe cuts with the remedy, moving from the center towards the outskirts of the mark. After applying the remedy, you may dress the wound with a bandage. A cream made from pot marigold or St. Johns wort has been known to effectively treat cuts and skin that has been broken from injury.


Treating Cuts and Scratches in Adults


When parents become injured, they may also use herbal treatments to ease their pain, as well as promote speedy healing. Cleansing wounds can be accomplished through yarrow, which is known to create an effective lotion that can be used as a wash. The calendula herb can be used to make a lotion that cleansing minor wounds. Combine 2 heaping teaspoons of herb with one cup of water. A tincture may also be made that can be applied to the wound.


Aloe vera gel also cleans out wounds. Witch hazel that has been distilled is also a worthy selection. When using comfrey or aloe vera, the healing of wounds is encouraged, which should be applied to the edges of a wound.