Treating Old Age with Herbal Remedies I

With rickety knees and a slow pace, old age has a different effect on each and every elderly person. While one person may battle failing eyesight, another could be just as fit as a fiddle, but increasingly forgetful. For centuries, herbal practitioners have discovered the power of many different herbs and plants that can treat and cure an array of medical concerns for senior citizens.


As the oldest tree on the planet, there is no wonder that ginkgo possesses the power to treat health ailments. For example, the leaves have been used to encourage normal circulation to the head and brain. The herb also has a reputation for improving memory, concentration, and energy levels. In some circles, evidence points that gingko may be able to lessen the risk of suffering a stroke. To treat memory loss and improve concentration, try gingko tablets. In order to enjoy any noticeable changes, this regimen should be followed for at least three months.

Garlic & Buckwheat

For many years, ancient healers have used garlic to treat medical problems. As a dietary supplement, it has proven great for long-term issues. Besides aiding in poor circulation, garlic has been known to regulate blood sugar levels, decrease high blood pressure, and lessen fat levels found in the blood. In the elderly, garlic is especially embraced because it increases resistance to infection and greatly works against bronchitis. To treat high blood pressure and decreased circulation, take 1 to 2 raw cloves per day with food. Another approach is to take garlic tablets or capsules on a routine basis.

When looking to fight a chronic case of infection, you may consume 1 to 2 raw cloves every day with one of your meals. You can also take garlic tablets or capsules on a routine basis. An alternative to this treatment, you can exchange this remedy with Echinacea.

Buckwheat is also known to aid in issues of poor circulation and high blood pressure. A standard infusion can help treat your symptoms. Simply drink up to two cups per day.


Individuals who turn to this bitter herb to solve their medical concerns can aid with the absorption of foods because it effects the maintenance of digestive secretions that become weaker as one ages. Traditionally, people in the past made aperitifs that were flavored with bitter herbs (like gentian) to prepare a weak digestive system for a heavy or rich meal.

To treat weakened digestion, take t to 10 drops of gentian tincture with a glass of water. This remedy should be taken 30 minutes before eating a meal for three times per day. However, if you suffer from acid indigestion or a peptic ulcer, this particular treatment is not for you.