Treating Old Age with Herbal Remedies II

Whether you’re looking to increase the rate of healing or wish to replenish energy after an exhausting day, herbal remedies have given the elderly to reclaim youthful exuberance and painful days. In this article, we will mainly concentrate on herbal remedies that help older individuals maintain their vitality, including using withania, ginseng, and thyme.


Most people view thyme as a spice, but there is much to learn about the medicinal power of an herb that has been recently linked to combating the aging process. Some people have found the herb helpful in maintaining vitality as well. The herb also has a reputation for lessening your chances of catching a cold, flu, or any other respiratory infection. As a general treatment for symptoms and ailments associated with aging, make a standard infusion out of thyme and take 2 to 3 cups on a daily basis.


In China, ginseng has been taken by the elderly for many years as a way to cope with the harshness of winter. In your old age, you may find this herb a satisfying tonic that has a way with boosting vitality and improving your resistance against stress and infection. If you are interested in using this remedy, take note that it works wonders for getting stronger after a long illness and melting away stress.

Take 1 gram of ginseng for one to two times per day for up to three months. Some people have even chewed the fresh or dried root, as well as added it to their soups when cooking. Another alternative is to simply take the tablet form. After taking the herb for three months, it is highly suggested to wait 3 to 4 weeks before starting another round again. It is also important to note that you should refrain from drinking coffee when taking ginseng. For some, ginseng has proved too stimulating. If this is the case, take 3 grams of codonopsis instead of ginseng, which offers a milder, yet strong effect on the body.  


For those who don’t feel comfortable using ginseng as a natural remedy, withania proves an effective substitute. This tonic herb is associated with slowing down the aging process. If you have undergone a long illness, thyme may also help you get back on your feet quicker. In some circles, the herb has been connected to preventing hair from turning gray.  When plagued with stress, you can take 1 gram of withania root for two to three times per day, either by chewing it or chopping it and then mixing it with a little bit of water.