Treating Teenager Problems with Herbal Remedies 1

During adolescence, many different mental and physical changes take place that send the bodies and minds of young men and women skyrocketing. While this time in a young adults’ life is filled with self-discovery and other realms of exploration, dealing with health concerns shouldn’t be the primary concern. When common teenager problems arise, many don’t realize that herbal remedies might be just the approach to consider. This article will deal with moodiness and irritability among other things.


Moodiness and Irritability


As teenagers struggle with the pressures of growing up, they may enter stages of moodiness and irritability. They could feel the extreme high of euphoric proportions or the intense lows of depression, filled with an outpouring of tears. There are a variety of natural remedies that can treat a wide-range of emotional patterns. One of the most effective approaches towards treating bouts of moodiness and irritability is to create an herbal remedy that utilizes the powers of the Bach flower.


When a teen feels they have been wronged in some way, they may take vervain. This might be a great remedy when a falling out among friends occurs. Holly remedies help to diffuse extreme feeling of anger and hate. The above natural approaches should include two drops diluted in 20 ml of water, which is then taken in frequent intervals. To set a relaxing mood for a teen, prepare them a bath, where two to three drops of sandalwood and lavender oil are added to the water. This makes the perfect before-bed treatment.


Dealing with Hormonal Changes & Growth Spurts


Dealing with hormonal changes may feel like an uphill battle with your teen. On top of the pressures of choosing what the wear, how to do their hair, and avoiding the temptation to try alcohol and drugs, teenagers also battle the effect of raging hormones. To help deal with the changes they may experience, a warming tonic can prove quite beneficial. Cinnamon has a way with dealing with these sorts of changes, as well as aiding in the process of growth spurts. A great way to introduce this easy remedy to your teen is to sprinkle cinnamon powder on slices of hot, buttered toast.


Taking a Test Anytime Soon?


Whether it is a Regents exam or taking the SAT test, teenagers will need all of the focus and memory they can gather for these important events in their lives. Dried rosemary makes a great stimulating tonic that can be used to improve the memory. When taking a cup of an infusion made from dried rosemary, you may also improve concentration, which is great to get straight A’s and ace that big test. Some types of headaches, as well as arthritis can also be treated through the use of rosemary.


For more herbal remedies that can ease the conflict in a teen’s life, be on the lookout for articles that offer suggestions for treating a horrid menstrual cycle to outbreaks of earth-shattering acne.