Trojan-War Movie “Troy” , Facts and Trivia

As stated before, hurricanes threatened the production of “Troy,” where one actually traveled on the set in the night and completely demolished Brad Pitt’s house. He managed to wake up around four in the morning, but fatigued from filming the night before , he had slept through the hurricane. Additional trivia and facts regarding this Trojan War-themed movie are included in this article.

While filming took place on the beaches of Mexico, two biologists were hired to protect the well-being of turtle eggs that called this location their home.

Ironically, Hector earned the reputation as a great tamer of Breaker of Horses. Eric Bana played this character in the movie and had never mounted a horse before he took on this role.

Interestingly, a couple of actors gained weight for their roles in “Troy.” Garrett Hedlund (who played Patroclus) gained 30 pounds, while Diane Kruger gained 15 pounds in order to play Helen.

In order to obtain the rippling body showcased on “Troy,” Brad Pitt trained for six months in an attempt to capture the physique of a genuine Greek statue.

When organizing the plot, it was Wolfgang Petersen’s decision to eliminate the Greek Gods (such as Zeus) out of the storyline, as he felt they were comical and would not serve a purpose for the film. He also didn’t want Helen to make an appearance in the film because he felt that an actress would not be able to capture the attention of the audience in the same manner as the rest of the actors. Producers were dead-set on her appearance and this is why Petersen selected an unknown actress to play the role.

Once word spread that a sizable production was about to highlight the history of Troy, the Turkish government and Ministry of Culture and Tourism contacted those in charge and suggested that filming could take place in Canakkale, Turkey, which is where the actual Troy was actually located. However, the filmmakers did not see this point and despite the Turkish governments’ offer to even sponsor the premiere if the ancient tale took place in their city , the premiere was held in Berlin, where the majority of historical remains were placed on exhibit for all to see after being transported from Anatolia. Nonetheless, the Trojan Horse constructed for the movie was given as a present to Turkey and was put on display in the real location of Troy , Canakkale.

While Diana Kruger played Helen, model Kemp Muhl was considered for the role at some point.

Terry Gilliam was given an opportunity to direct “Troy,” but after reading five pages of the script, he turned down the offer.

A twist of fate brought Brad Pitt to participate in “Troy,” as he was set to star in “The Fountain” (2006).

The pre-production phase was taking longer than expected and in the end, it was Hugh Jackman that would end up taking his former role.

During the filming of the movie, numerous stagehands would faint because the temperatures would reach 100 degrees at times.

In the movie, there is a character called Boagrius, who didn’t actually exist in any of the Greek myths or any of the collected editions of the “Iliad” by Homer. Throughout history, Boagrius was always known as a river.