True Love Spell

Have you ever dwelled on the ‘one’ that got away? Let’s say you are approaching your 10th high school reunion and your single status has you pondering if your true love was right in front of you the whole time. The rose petal spell is known for summoning a true love and is perfect for the single mingler looking for someone to share his or her life with. When done right, a magical aura should surround you, giving off the signal that you are ready to settle down. Hopefully, the right person catches on to this signal.

Before you begin the spell, you will need to gather the following materials:

·    1 red candle (6 to 8 inches)

·    Matches or lighter

·    Wineglass filled with ¼ of the way with pure spring water

·    Petals from six red roses (in a bowl)

·    One sewing needle (fine)

·    Fine red cotton sewing thread (48 inches long)

In order to draw your true love closer to you, the best time to cast this spell is on a waving moon. Working after the sun has set, the best day for this spell is on a Friday, which is the day of Venus , the goddess of love, of course.

First, you will cast a circle before entering the thick of your spell. As you cast your circle, envision the circle surrounding all parts of your home. Light a red candle and say ‘Bright Venus, bless this circle well. Honor and empower my spell.’ With a wineglass in your left hand, hold your right palm down over the water and repeat: ‘This water, blessed in purity is blessed by the goddess. Blessed by me and changed to draw true love to me.  As you sprinkle the water over the rose petals, repeat: ‘May the love I receive be as pure as my intent.’

Take out three petals from your bowl and place the leftovers at your front door. You will trails the petals to lead from your doorstep to your bed. After double-threading the needle, you will pierce the three petals at the base. This will create a ‘rose-petal pendant and necklace.’ You will wear this overnight and then keep it under your pillow for the time period of one lunar month. After this time has passed, you will place this rose petal charm in a natural water source. Await your true love to make himself or herself known.

Why Rose Petals?

When performing this love spell, roses are used because they have long served as symbols of love and the attraction that couples physically feel for one another. Not only does the rose possess an alluring scent, but it also has a presentation that suggests romance. Red roses are used because they are associated with true love and passion. This particular spell has ancient ties with symbolism that has continued for many centuries.


Source: The Spells Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher