Turf Dispute Over Psychic Territory

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Two psychic families are reportedly in  major conflict with one another with at least one psychic referring to the conflict as a “psychic war” between the two factions in Philadelphia.  As the tension heats up, there are reports of guns being brandished, psychic powers being invoked, and lives being threatened only raising the ante for this territory dispute gone bad.

The two different family run fortune telling businesses started as a simple disagreement that quickly started raging out of control when the disagreements became personal and threats of violence were implemented.  The first family business, run by Jimmy George and his wife Shirley Thompson, has been operating out of Meetinghouse Road in Bensalem.  The second family business, run by Stephen Mitchell, and his wife operate a business on the aptly named Street Road nearby.  Both businesses have been operating and giving advice to those who seek advice on the future.  But the conflict came out of these small town businesses in a way that no one could have predicted.  Or perhaps they did.

The enterprising young couples began passing out flyers advertising their business, but when the sons of Jimmy George and Shirley Thompson reached Road Street and began advertising there, George says he was soon met by an enraged Mitchell who brandished a gun in front of him and told him to stay off of Road Street.  It sounds like an encounter from a 1950’s gangster movie, but these are the allegations being made in a mysterious and unnerving conflict between the psychic families.  Mitchell’s wife reportedly contacted ABC’s action 6 news and told them that the incident had not occurred in the way reported by George.  In an interview with the station, George added that he would not quite call the incident a psychic war, but allegedly Mitchell sees it a different way.

Perhaps most perplexing and incriminating is the fact that Mitchell is currently facing charges of a similar incident in Egg Harbor.  Apparently he has been accused of brandishing a gun in front of a psychic alongside threats as well.  And with this family feud threatening to turn into a full blown psychic war, the police have been taking the accusations seriously.  On the other hand, the media coverage of the events are hard to trace whether they are good advertising or bad publicity for those involved.  Still, the facts should speak for themselves without too much speculation on that front.

Battles for turf between territories among psychics can be traced back all the way to myths and legends of gypsies and oracles vying for control of territories and the ears of royalty.  But this modern adaptation to an ancient tradition seems to counter the image of the peaceful and harmonious nature of the magically inclined.  We can only hope the unfortunate incident is not a sign of the times, but a case of a situation run temporarily out of control.  Because the last thing we truly need is a real turf war between organized psychics.