UFO Film Maker Paul Kimball Interviewed

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This is the first of a number of interviews with the speakers at the Symposium Conference 2006 . The first being the organiser of the conference Mr Paul Kimball. Questions by THoTH and Oddthings.

We will be interviewing Stanton Friedman, Robert Zimmerman, Mac Tonnies and Greg Bishop so far. If you’ve not read the details of the Symposium, it is strongly recommended that you do. This is not an event to be missed, so many good speakers talking about things that effect all of us.

BoT=Book of THoTH PK=Paul Kimball

BoT: Welcome to the interview Mr. Kimball

PK: Hello to all the BoT members!

BoT:Can you tell us what was it that began your interest in UFOs? i.e. your first influences and why that got you interested?

PK: It’s interesting, because I always get asked that question, but I don’t really have an answer, at least in the sense of there being “one thing”. Stan Friedman is my uncle, so that certainly had an impact, I guess. So too did the era I grew up in – the 1970s, when space exploration was still a going concern (as it’s becoming again now), and Star Trek and Star Wars were huge cultural influences. The subject interests me as an historian, and as a lawyer, in the sense that I was trained to look at and weigh evidence, particularly witness testimony. Finally, it’s a mystery, and for some reason I like mysteries. It’s just part of my who I am.

BoT: When did you start your writing/documentaries and research?

Well, my background is pretty varied. I didn’t get into the film and television industry until the late 1990s, after my music career ended, and I decided that I had no desire to go and practice law. I worked for the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation – that’s the Crown agency that provides funding to the film and television industry in the Province of Nova Scotia – in 1997 – 1998, and then left to start my own production company.