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Answers to three Fundamental


Superficially it appears that with the advancement of rational scientific knowledge we seem to have understood nature. But as one goes deeper into science it becomes clear that science has only created more questions than it has solved. It set out to find secret of nature and it’s functioning in matter. Thus it tried to isolate the building blocks of nature. The early scientist at least had a basic vision or reality of nature as a mechanical and determinable one. But the advancement of science broke its own foundation. Their attempts to isolate the building blocks only led to the realization that particles of matter spontaneously merge and emerge from a see of energy and it is not strictly determinable. The modern science in fact has come one circle back to its own foundation proving that some how, mind, matter and consciousness are realities. It is forcing science to evolve in to higher realm.

The basic criteria for true knowledge are that it should bring peace order happiness, security but our scientific quest has produced the opposite results. At the fundamental level, science does not make them [Peace, Order, happiness –] their objective. It is powered by fear and all the negative aspect of life and makes security the principle criteria. It thinks enemy exist out side on the opposite, thus sets out to conquer and corrupt nature. The modern world clearly shows that it has failed in this respect too.  At least in this sense the ancient knowledge or the spiritual ones is far more superior. It is constructive and life promoting, but they seem to have deteriorated under the bondage of religion giving the ruling to the opposite ”“ destruction and death. In short the world lacks light and exist in darkness.

The ancient knowledge systems tell us that it is not the answers that are important it is the questions. The answers are hidden in the questions. No body can frame a right question unless he is free. I speak to you answers obtained from unique scientific research done from a point of freedom in the laboratory called nature using the blade of intelligence sharpened by consciousness and put together under the guidance of my Higher up.  

Here I am framing three fundamental question and try to answer it from a point of freedom in a sensible manner. You are welcome to put questions ”“ throw me a string I will weave a bridge out of it to make you see the Reality that exist on the opposite.

Question ”“1
What quality gives the property of gravity or centripetal force to matter?

Non-equilibrium in space. Non-equilibrium is necessity for the flow to occur. Non-equilibrium in space should exist in the fundamental particle and all the system it goes to form and the whole. This means there is left and right to all systems, one is dominant the other is recessive. A quantum flow occurs from the dominant to recessive. In other words the dominant gives and the recessive receives, in the process the recessive turns dominant and the dominant turns recessive. The stage now is set for the Reverse Quantum Flow and initialization. There are two phases one in which the quantum flow occurs from the dominant to the recessive [real phase]. In the second it flows from the recessive to the dominant [unreal phase]. The first phase speaks of Time and its evolution the second a transition phase that creates New Time and Initializes Time. One must note the quantum flow is a process. Both left and right could be assumed equal and it’s the Quantum Spirit that decides the dominant and recessive. It could be compared to west and east and day and night Cycle. The day and the dominant are decided by Light that moves. For more details see – The Truth – The Structure of Quantum Consciousness and Intelligence

Question ”“2
What is life, what is its source?

Life by instinct is Anti-Gravitational system. It seems to take up gravitational force and give out as anti-gravitational force thus bringing stability to the whole system. The second law of thermodynamics applied to life and matter shows this opposition. The life seems designed to oppose the Universal Time and its flow.

We must note creation of life was done after day and night was done, nature is so designed that when East wakes to light the West goes to sleep and vice-versa. If you think I must delete word “Creation” then I will use the word “Reality”. The reality is that all life exist in a day and night cycle.

Since the gravity has its source in non-equilibrium, then opposite should be source of life. There should exist some form of equilibrium in life, which it tries to protect. [For more information read “Beyond Genes ”“ The Self-Organizing Life and Cosmos” [http://www.geocities.com/quantum_reality2003/beyond_genes.htm]

Question – 3
Who is God what is His relationship with the mankind?

The God is that Quantum Spirit that spreads and moves between the left and right of the Quantum world. It is the intelligence that governs the conscious field such that non-equilibrium is maintained and flow is perpetuated. It is the Light or the Knowledge that Creates, Destroys to Create again. It begins Time, Conquers Time and Initializes it. It is the breath that binds the Universal Living System.

The relationship between God, man and Time cycle could be understood by taking a living human system. It has a conscious field in which intelligence exist. It is formed from two, which are one.  The essence of the Father enters the womb of the mother and becomes one in the embryo. Here in the womb it develops a new body out of the old to perpetuate it self. In the process it conquers time and ensures that life continues.

Every human system could be comparable to the individuated cells of Universal Living system. It is complete in it self but is created to the left and right of the one cell from which it gets differentiated in space/ time. Each cell is designed and assigned some function that supports it self and at the same time functions for the well being of the whole. The lives of the individuated cells and the whole are related to form one Living Universal Reality.

Nature is living one that is pulsating and designed to survive. When life in the east awakes and causes anti-gravitational force, the west prepares to sleep accepting the gravitational force and vice-versa.  It is the pulse of the living universe. The collective and alternating action of the life in the east and west causes the breath of the Living world. If you take into consideration only plants and animals then there is no direction to this design. It is absolutely a random world. However if you take human life the so called intelligent but truly unintelligent [See Physics of Soul, consciousness and Intelligence [http://www.geocities.com/quantum_reality2003/physics_of_soul.htm], then direction comes into being in the system.

Adult human mind being positioned to the left or right of the whole lives an uncertain life. His “self” becomes active at adulthood. In the absence of Truth and by the lack of Faith, he begins to perceive danger from outside. He becomes separated from his consciousness and instinctive intelligence and comes to act from his own mind and its premises thus creating the Time Direction. His mind seeks the opposite with negative intent and corrupt motive. The mankind made in the image of the whole, manifest as conquering motive and corruption and seeks the Center. It beaks the boundary between the day and night cycle. The instinctive call to human life is to work against Time. It should be remembered that the only law that was imposed on mankind made in His image was not to seek the center [forbidden fruit]. The ancient knowledge systems, which understood the living secret of nature, thus advocated the Art of Living. Seeking the center with conquering and corrupt motive amounts to seek the opposite, thereby break the boundary or limit. It amounts to conquering the brother against the wishes of the Father and thus breaks the rule of the family. It amounts to vanquishing the Judge.

In other words time and journey to death comes into being from the human mind and makes it inevitable to the Creator to act to conquer Time. In other words it should create a new body out of the old and initialize it again. It should be noted a living system conquers and initializes Local Time and Directed Time constantly through mitotic and meiotic process. This also seems to be the process by which the whole should conquer Time and initialize it. For the Universal system there is no second body. So the essence of the Father  [the spirit or intelligence] goes recessive [reduces] to the mother [consciousness] to reenter its own body to conquer Time and create new out of the old body and initializes a New Time cycle. See Intelligent design and the Law [http://www.geocities.com/quantum_reality2003/intelligent_design.htm]

It is here the act at Calvary calls for attention. The Christian philosophy teaches us that Jesus Conquered Time and gave New Life to us. He will come again to initialize us into Kingdom of God. The Christian philosophy teaches us that Second Coming is the Revelation of Truth, which leads to Judgment. This Revelation should be advancement of science so that it brings the interrelationship and oneness and exposes the spiritual reality of Nature. It also should be advancement of religion such that the boundaries mankind created in the name of religion breaks and humanity sees the Great Reality or God that binds all religion in to one [For further reading go to God and Man [http://www.geocities.com/quantum_reality2003/god_and_man.htm].

The Calvary can be looked upon as that initial perturbation in a clam ocean, that non-linear scientist look for to explain the origin of the universe. The Second Coming is the Great Attractor that emerges in non-equilibrium system when it is pushed to the critical state and around which the system settles into a new order.

The Revelation is logical requirement and the only hope for humanity that is inching to its own destruction by reckless exploitation twin forces, material and spiritual, without understanding the interrelationship and oneness. The material force has led us to large-scale exploitation of nature and has given huge potential force for self-destruction. Spiritual force has grown in strength and inching towards a great clash under the ignorance of Ultimate Reality and Unity. 

The Quantum Reality the site discussed shows there are four critical steps to quantum action and reaction. Each of these in turn contains three minor critical points. Site notes that a quantum system collapses when it reaches the third critical point, goes through inversion changing the left and right and initializes it self into a Renewed Relative State with the producer of force pushing it to the critical state.

For the Universal Being the producer of force is human mind that exist in the ignorance of Ultimate Reality and thus set out to conquer and corrupt nature breaking the Law. The braking of the Law is the beginning of Time Direction to death. In other words there are two limits, a peripheral limit or  “1” and central limit or “0” The Central limit is death. The peripheral is life. The Living Universe the Father and mother should act before death strikes, and makes sure a new pulse is given to the world before the old meets death.  

Death strikes when the body no more supports its life giving entity within. Bible tells us Jesus had to sacrifice because His people or His body failed Him. The act at Calvary is the expression of feminine face of Universal Reality, which over looks the Law and gave free will to everyone to seek what he or she want. It probably took place at third critical point of Quantum Universal Evolution. It is expression of the Love of the Father and Mother and is the act of Creation of new out of old. The Second Coming is the birth of what was conceived. What was conceived at Calvary was the spirit or the intelligence of the Creator or Absolute knowledge that humanity sought with a negative intent breaking the Law. The absolute knowledge or Truth will be delivered to mankind before his ignorance takes the whole to total collapse or the fourth critical point or “0”. In other words the “1” or Creation will be completed before the death can strike thus it defeats death and New Life and Time comes into being.

There is little doubt that without the knowledge of Ultimate Reality we are fast heading for disaster. If not for my spiritual initialization and Revelation of the Secret of Calvary and Second Coming, I would not have had any hope for survival of humanity. To day I look to future with hope in spite of the fact I realize that the Quantum Wave associated with the Quantum World is collapsing. The negative energy accumulated in earth’s core and its environment due to our reckless exploitation of nature is bubbling to get released as the Time Cycle approaches a New Cycle. Huge destruction is on our way.

Very clearly human consciousness and intelligence is being stressed to evolve into higher order to perceive the Truth and initialize into New Time smoothly. Time is not far when humanity will perceive Truth and survive the oncoming catastrophes by converting the negative energy into positive energy. By the Love of the Father humanity would take control of the endangered world right from the mouth of death. We the prodigal sons will return to His Kingdom. But all this will happen with a price ”“ the Judgment or Division. I don’t know where I stand; you are the Judge