Understanding Remote Viewing

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

“When we get a great idea or encounter something extraordinary in our lives, naturally, we tend to analyze and classify it based on what we already know and experience. When we apply our existing knowledge to unidentified and mysterious information, it is the closest thing to our mind that it knows based on the features of the new idea or information.”

Remote viewing is the process that a person uses to get information about a target like person, place, thing, or event which is physically far-away in time and space. Remote viewing is not extrasensory or psychic technique, but it is a definite process performed within a standard procedure to authenticate the data being obtained.

The entire process requires that you simply focus on a particular target and accept the information as it comes to you. The information is acquired according to a set of rules or the protocol, which provides a basis for validating the information gained.
The prerequisite for remote viewing is the use of our five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.
Another characteristic that is required for the remote viewing is the aptitude to believe in information for what it is and focus your subconscious so that your conscious mind doesn’t interfere. It is rather complex job to let our conscious mind to sort out out unnecessary information acquired by our senses and only utilize the information that is concern to our present state of affair and our existing beliefs and knowledge.
Remote Viewer has to make a conscious effort to smell the smells, hear the sounds, and feel the environment. It is because conscious part of brain processes information and categorize it comfortably as it throws out those portions of unimportant information that is not relevant to our lives.
In Remote Viewing, Universe is bigger in charisma, prestige and aura than in size. It is hard to imagine universe in totality. However, being humans, we are allowed our to learn to touch, smell, hear, see, and taste our lives instead of just issuing a projection of how we think mind and universe is, based on that which is comfortable.
Remote Viewing helps to open our minds to the external world instead of following the small world we create within us. By Remote Viewing, we can learn to control our whole lives and ‘target’ a vision that provides us with greater stability, accomplishment and satisfaction.