Unexplainable Movie Facts and Trivia: Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

When it comes to unexplainable events and haunted house movies based upon true stories, moviegoers perk up with intrigue because the events cause the unknown to seem more and more like a possibility. In this article, you will encounter the facts and trivia surrounding a movie recounting the experiences of a real family that has been grabbing the attention of paranormal enthusiasts all over.

The Plot

A sickness in the family has forced the Campbells to relocate to upstate Connecticut, where they soon find out that the lovely Victorian residence they now call their own is connected to supernatural dark forces. The history of the home is quite disturbing, going beyond the details of a serving as a former funeral parlor. The house was the site for numerous acts and practices that would make you shutter. The icing on the cake is the owner’s son (named Jonah), who dabbles in clairvoyance and is known as a messenger of demons. Through his gift, he made it possible for spirits to crossover by providing a gateway.

The plot of ‘Haunting in Connecticut’ focuses on the return of Jonah, who wishes to communicate with the dead and create an uncomfortable living situation for the Campbell family. At first, the odd occurrences associated with the house is attributed to the relocation and the stress of dealing with an illness in the family, but it becomes clearer that the violent, supernatural events that take place are connected to the dark past of the residence. A recognizable actor and actress appearing in the film include Virginia Madsen playing the role of Sara Campbell (mother to the tormented main character) and Elias Koteas as Reverend Popescu, who tries to help the family portrayed in the film.

‘Haunting in Connecticut’ Movie and Trivia

Despite the dramatic scenes shown on movie trailers, the movie received a PG-13 rating for its “intense sequences of terror and disturbing images.”

The movie is based on a documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel called “A Haunting in Connecticut”.

In the original tale, the character that becomes trapped in the shower curtain is Sara, not Wendy as shown in the movie.

Based loosely on the real experiences of Al and Carmen Snedeker, the real strange occurrences took place in a haunted home formerly ran as a funeral parlor in Southington, Connecticut.

The first time the public was introduced to the story, it was featured in a novel titled “In A Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting” and was written by Ray Garton.

When taking a look at the character of Reverend Popescu, you will find similarities in the accounts linked to John Zaffis, who served as an investigator that worked on the Snedeker case.