Unexplainable Movie Trivia and Facts: “Deep Rising” (1998)

If you are interested in a movie that portrays a beautiful woman, cruel hijackers, underwater intrigue, and a sea monster with a mind of its own , then ‘Deep Rising’ would make a great movie for you. In this article, you will encounter information behind this movie, which starred Famke Janssen and a collection of recognizable actors.

The Plot

Enter a group of jewel thieves that climb aboard an abandoned luxury cruise ship deposited in the South Seas. While they expect to see a slew of passengers to take advantage of, they instead encounter an empty vessel that they don’t know at the time, but have been killed by an unexplainable source that takes the lives of its victims and then sucks the water out of their bodies. The monster is similar to the creature from ‘Alien’ and a giant squid. Who will best this mysterious beast?

In the film, actors and actresses that bring the main characters to life include Treat Williams (as Finnegan), Famke Janssen (as Trillian), Cliff Curtis (as Mamooli), Clifton Powell (as Mason), and Djimon Hounsou (as Vivo).

“Deep Rising” Movie Trivia and Facts

“Deep Rising” was categorized as an action, science fiction, thriller, and horror flick.

Taglines used to market “Deep Rising” included “This ain’t no pleasure cruise;” “Women and children first. You’re next;” “Full scream ahead;” and “They Seized The World’s Richest Ship… But No One’s On Board!”

At first, Claire Forlani was cast to play Trillian St. James. During the first days of her shooting, she actually walked out after only participated for three days. She apparently had a few creative differences with the director (Stephen Sommers). The part subsequently went to Famke Janssen then took over the part, which was named after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy character of the same name.

Harrison Ford was pursued to play the character of Finnegan, but since he turned down the role, the budget for the production was significantly reduced.

Famke Janssen came pretty close to not receiving a role in the film because the producers believed she was too connected to her previous movie, ‘Goldeneye’ (1995).

In the original script, John Finnegan’s catchphrase was “what now?” In the film it was changed to “now what?”

The filming location of this movie took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The film was rated R for the science fiction violence and gore.