Unexplainable Movie Trivia and Facts: “Mothman Prophecies” (2002)

Over the years, a great deal of real-life experiences have been transformed into movie adaptations, as seen in the “Mothman Prophecies,” which delivered a somewhat entertaining drama, horror, sci-fi thriller. With Richard Gere taking on the main character role, the movie brought in interest as people were wondering the story behind the mysterious winged creature depicted in the film. In this article, we will take a look at some of the facts and trivia associated with the movie, as well as a bit of background.

The Plot

“Mothman Prophecies” focuses on John Klein , a journalist working for the Washington Post. He and his wife, Mary locates the house they’ve always wanted and are in awe with their luck. Traveling back from their discovery, Mary comes close to running over a figure with wings and a cape. She jerks at the wheel and finds herself skidding into a sidewalk. In the process, she hits her head pretty badly and then later dies while in the hospital.

John is heartbroken and then things take a turn for the weird when he happens upon a handful of sketches that his wife drew after the accident. The main feature is a winged creature that looks nothing like angels who usually possess wings. Two years pass and one night, John is in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Within the small town, a local cop is dealing with an assortment of sighting that describes a “mothlike” creature that is taller than the average man. John immediately recounts the drawings of his wife and believes there is a connection. John decides to pursue the truth and throughout the movie, we see that his curiosity and investigations place his life in peril.

“Mothman Prophecies” Trivia and Facts

When the production company got down to marketing the movie, “What do you see?” and “Based on true events” were used in posters for the film.

The film was based on actual events that took place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia between the time period of November 1966 and December 1967.

Like many changes made from novel to movie, some of the names have been altered. For example, the name of the expert on paranormal topics is Leel, which is the reverse of the expert and author of the novel, Keel.

Just before shooting of the movie was to take place, the studio eliminated $2 million from the budget of the film. This made Pellington irate, as he didn’t want to cut costs in the same manner as his previous 1999 movie, “Arlington Road.” There is also a link to Pellington’s previous film within “Mothman Prophecies” as well. Leek tells a story of how he tried to stop the destruction of a building but was unable to do so because no one would believe him is very similar to a main piece of the plot in “Arlington Road.”