Unsolved Cases of Disappearances , Sports Figures

If a prominent figure disappears, news headlines are in an uproar, but many people who were formerly in the spotlight that vanish tend to slip through the cracks. They are the ones that have already retired or were forced out of the sport. In this article, you will learn about unsolved disappearances regarding former sports players.

John Brisker

At one time, John Brisker was a basketball player for the Seattle Supersonics. He had a reputation for playing good defense, but he was also known for having quite the temper. Things didn’t work out for Brisker in the NBA and he was cut from the team at the end of the 1975 season. In 1978, Brisker traveled to Uganda. His family was under the impression that he was starting a new life in the import-export business , that’s what they were told. But, some believe that Brisker went to the country as a guest of Idi Amin, who was a Ugandan dictator known for his ruthlessness. Rumor had it that he had gone to become a mercenary. Amin was overthrown in 1979, and some believe that Brisker was executed by a firing squad. No one has seen him or his body since. In 1985, he was declared legally dead.

Jim Robinson

Although ‘Sweet’ Jim Robinson was not known as a fabulous fighter, he did earn a claim to fame as being one of the first professional opponents in Muhammad Ali’s career , the fourth, to be exact. Robinson often fought boxers that needed an easy win under their belt. It was February 1961 when Robinson and Ali fought. Robinson went down in the first round. When he finally retired seven years later, his record was 5-23.

In 1979, a reporter for Sports Illustrated named Michael Brennan conducted an interview with Robinson at his home in Miami. This would be the last time that anyone would interview the former boxer. But Robinson piqued the interest of ESPN reporter Wright Thompson, who spent six years searching the Miami region for the missing boxer. Ali collector Stephen Singer, who famously has an autograph from every Ali opponent, could not locate Robinson. While he is not officially considered a missing person, no one knows what happened to Robinson.

Angelo Cruz

Angelo Cruz was a Puerto Rican basketball player born in New York that earned a reputation as a legend on the playgrounds. He went to Bethany Nazarene College (OK) to play for their team, as well as Essex (NJ) County College before joining a professional team in Puerto Rico. In 1993, Cruz retired from basketball and found a job working at Yankee Stadium. This is where he met and became friends with Jose Valentin , a player for the Yankees. However, no one has seen or heard of Cruz since he mysteriously disappeared around 1997.