Unsolved Disappearances in a Foreign Country

Whether you travel to another country to find a new line of work or wish to discover something exciting, there are thousands of people that do not make it back home. Some are killed, held for ransom, murdered or have met some other fateful end. In this article, you will encounter people who disappeared while abroad in places, such as the Amazon and Australian waters.

Percy Fawcett

If you ever wondered what inspired the Indiana Jones character, then you can thank British archeologist Percy Fawcett. Besides exploring unknown terrain, Fawcett was also an artillery officer that liked exploring. However, in 1925, Fawcett ventured deep into the Amazon , in search of the lost city that he had nicknamed ‘Z.’ By his side was his eldest son, Jack, and Raleigh Rimell. They never made it back from the trip, causing many theories to circulate.

Some of the explorer’s possessions started to pop up after his disappearance. A nameplate of Fawcett was found with an Indian tribe in 1927. The nameplate was from an expedition that took place five years beforehand and was most likely given to the chief of the Indian tribe as a gift. In June of 1933, Colonel Aniceto Botelho found a theodolite compass belonging to Fawcett near the Baciary Indians of Mato Grosso. The compass was thought to have been left behind before Fawcett entered the jungle on his final journey.

Some of the rumors about what happened to Fawcett varied. He was killed by Indians or torn apart by wild animals. Others feel that he succumbed to the elements. A handful of people thought that he died of natural causes. A wild theory was that he had lost his memory (and mind) and had become a chieftain of his own tribe of cannibals. However, getting to the bottom of his fate has been of great interest to a lot of people , especially those that wanted the challenge of rescuing the archeologist.

More than 100 people embarked on their own expeditions into the jungle in search of Fawcett. They came back with rumors and experiences of their own, such as being captured by tribesmen and having to pay $30,000 for their release. Some blamed the Aloique Indians for killing Fawcett. Others brought back human remains that they claimed belonged to the archeologist.

In 1951, Orlando Villas Boas supposedly received the actual remaining skeletal bones of Fawcett. He conducted a scientific analysis on the remains and the results confirmed the bones belonged to Fawcett. However, his son Brian Fawcett (1906,1984) refused to accept the findings. Villas Boas believes that Brian was more interested in making money from books about his father’s disappearance rather than accept that he was already dead. Yet, further scientific analysis confirmed that the bones did not belong to the missing archeologist.

Other Americans who have disappeared in abroad include:

”¢    Michael Rockefeller , Michael was the son of Nelson Rockefeller and in 1961, he disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern New Guinea.

”¢    Tom and Eileen Lonergan , Some of the details Tom and Eileen Lonergan’s disappearance were captured in the 2004 film titled, ‘Open Water.’ The American couple was left behind while scuba diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef , in waters inhabited by sharks.