Upside Down Eagle On Official White House Twitter Account

The Official White House Twitter Account Has Been Flying Our Nations Eagle Upside Down For The Last Few Days.

Link-  https://twitter.com/whitehouse – Scroll down till you see the background behind the content.

Further research into this shows that the hacker group anonymous has been counting down till 5/19/2013. But many are convinced by the evidence the source of anonymous and the associated hacker allies are actually the CIA and Government ran agencies.  This is a long read and many links to follow, but well worth the effort.  http://thesnitchprotocol.blogspot.com/2013/05/v-behaviorurldefaultvmlo_17.html

The Illuminati Card Game Hint

The Illuminati Card Game was created by a free mason in 1996. The card game sold commercially until it was pulled from the shelves. Some say because it showed too many future events.

It Predicted 9/11/2001

Boston Marathon Bombing

Currently Were Seeing Obama Being Smeared.

And the next card that should be played is Obama’s protection.

Why exactly the American Eagle is upside down is being debated. Is it a sign that America is about to fall?

The most informed people are the ones who can take information in from several sources and put prejudices aside when searching for truth. Don’t allow tainted religions skew your views of what’s really in the gospels of Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark.

There is a grave possibility that the USA may be “Mystery Babylon”, which is to be destroyed in a day.  We know the antichrist is in the works and to be revealed in upcoming times, and we know this MUST lead to persecution of Christians And Ultimately Satan proclaiming himself to be above all gods. We also know this man will have powers of the heavens and will deceive many.

The best we can do is stay awake and keep faithful to Jesus. We will continue to see this situation play out as described in the bible.