US Weekly Highlights All-Seeing Eye Clothing Designs, such as Kesh American Apparel

The September 16, 2013 issue of US Weekly (a magazine known for focusing on the personal lives, careers, and fashion statements of celebrities) highlighted an assortment of clothing centered on the eye. Found in the back of the popular celebrity-juice magazine in a section titled ‘Fashion Police Extra: All Eyes on Them,’ we’re reminded just how prevalent it is to incorporate single-eye symbolism, the all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus), or eye-related imagery in today’s fashion designs.

One of the celebrities shown in the section is Kendall Jenner (sister of Kim Kardashian), who was featured wearing a top with sequins decorating the entire front with a single eye design positioned at the center of the shirt. The top (called Eye Candy Crop Top) is currently sold out at Nasty Girl, which isn’t a surprise since they’ve received this kind of celebrity endorsement, and pictures of her wearing the top have spread across the Internet.

In July of this year, actress Hailee Steinfeld chose to wear an eye-dotted mini dress by Kenzo to the Enders Game press preview night at Comic-Con.

Rita Ora is a relatively new artist, and although she has been in the music business since 2007, the singer didn’t truly make waves until her debut album was released in 2012. She’s a former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and has been linked to many others in the industry – perhaps she wanted to make a statement with a colorful dress decorated with several single eyes. The dress is identified as coming from the Moschino Cheap & Chic‘s Fall 2012 collection.

Actress Holly Hunter also wore a single-eye decorated article of clothing from the same maker as Ora when she showed up at a Sundance Channel event. Fashion commenters referred to the dress as “extra creepy.”

Florence Welch is the lead singer of an English indie rock band called Florence + the Machine, and US Weekly included her in their segment because of a very purple coat decorated with single eyes that appear more hidden in the overall design. Interestingly, the group released a music video for their song titled ‘No Light, No Light,’ which caused quite a stir of its content related to what some believed was the dark arts, the occult, or secret societies, such as the Illuminati. Although the group incorporated a wide range of religious references, including Roman Catholicism and voodoo, Welch insisted that it had very little to do with the occult, and “everything to do with her own life.”

In this US Weekly feature, we also see rapper Wiz Khalifa and fashion model Cara Delevingne, are wearing shirts from the Kesh American Apparel line, while musician Jessie J opted for a halter top and stretch pants ensemble featuring the eye design from the same line.

Although not the only clothing company to do so, American Apparel’s Kesh Collection specifically concentrates their designs around one of the most recognized symbols associated with the Illuminati – every single piece centers on the eye. Every piece of clothing also follows in the same black and white color scheme, which also sets the stage for the dualism themes that Freemasonry is often linked to.