USA Freedom and our diminishing rights. What is Freedom?

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Real Freedom

by Sam Bouman

Let’s start with this: Money has two factors that define it. It is a thing of beauty if you’re mathematically or even poetically inclined, because it’s not one and it’s not three. There are two specific factors that indicate anything is money and they are: #1: It has to have intrinsic value; and #2: It can’t vary in quality.

That’s it. Everything in creation that has these two conditions, is money. Everything that doesn’t, isn’t.

Gold and silver have always been considered money in the history of mankind in all cultures because they meet the two conditions, plus they’re handy. Actually, every element in the chemistry table of elements other than carbon is money. Water is money. The only reason you don’t see people carrying gallons of water to the store to pay for things is because it’s not handy.

Diamonds aren’t money because, though they have intrinsic value, they vary in quality.

Federal Reserve Notes are not money because they don’t have any intrinsic value. They cost two cents to make regardless of denomination. That’s an obvious shocker to a lot of people – the fact that someone actually makes a 98 cent profit on every dollar bill; a $99.98 profit on every $100 bill.

Presuming it is the government that does this (actually it’s not – the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express – more on that at another time), one might wonder why it (the government) needs so much money in taxes, license & permit fees, citations, fines & penalties and confiscations, and all the other perhaps subtler methods it uses to remove us from our property.

Federal Reserve Notes are negotiable instruments that discharge debt, but they are not money. They are not backed by silver anymore like they were in the days of the silver certificates, nor are they backed by any other commodity that meets the definition of money. The collateral for Federal Reserve Notes is the future labor of the people of the United States as evidenced by the birth certificates. That’s a very loaded sentence that we will go into more in a minute, but one of the keywords is future. In other words it doesn’t exist now, it may exist later. So Federal Reserve notes are in that category of negotiable instruments called “promises to pay” or promissory notes. They are debt instruments.

In reality, we can’t actually pay any debts anymore because all of the real money has been extracted from society. All we can do now is discharge debts. All we have to do it with is fake money or counterfeit money. Federal Reserve Notes are counterfeit money.

You may have noticed that there are so many other examples of real things that have pretty much been replaced by their fake counterparts in the past few generations. Prior to this century, for instance, the only kind of food that existed was real – now it is quite a challenge to go into a regular grocery store and buy any food that has not been polluted by chemicals, insecticides, genetic engineering or over-processing to an incredible extent. Some people don’t even know that real maple syrup comes from a tree. The brown sugar water with chemicals in it that you are served in the House of Pancakes may look like syrup, but it isn’t.

In a similar fashion, and just like we used to have real money rather than fake money, we used to have real laws (implementing regulations), rather than fake laws like Codes (color of law) that are only applicable to corporate fictions. We also used to have real titles to property rather than fake titles like deeds (color of title). If you really own your land and have an allodial title to it, you are not subject to building codes or property taxes. If you only have a deed, the STATE really owns your land, and it you don’t pay the rent (property taxes), they will take it away from you. You can be assured that Mr. Rockefeller has real title to his property.

There are two of so many things these days – one that is real and one that is fake.

There are two “states” of whatever state you live in. There is one that has hills and valleys and rocks and trees and dogs and cats and people in it. There is another one that is a government entity, a corporate fiction. When you fill out a government form that asks you “Are you a resident of the State of California?”, you may presume you know what is meant by the word “resident” and the phrase “State of California”, but you should be sure before you sign that thing under penalty of perjury.

In the same way, there are in a way two of you. The real you was created by your mother and father and God, and if somebody pinches, you will feel it. There is another “you”, believe it or not, that was created by the STATE and is a corporate fiction.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you receive a letter from a creditor or debt collector or IRS, it’s always addressed to your name in all capital letters? Well, that’s because that letter is not addressed to you but to your STRAWMAN. On your personal checks issued to you by your bank, your name and address are imprinted in all capital letters for the same reason.

You may decide you want to have the best mailbox on your block, so you design and construct and paint this fabulous mailbox and you take it out in front of your mansion and you pound it in to the ground on your property. Who owns that mailbox? If one of your neighbors puts a letter in that mailbox that does not have a stamp on it, they can be fined or imprisoned for trespassing on government property.

In the same way, you may have a birth certificate in your possession – it has your name on it – you’ve had it for decades – you value it – you keep it in your box of important documents. Guess who owns that birth certificate. Of course, it is the STATE who own that birth certificate. At the very best, you may get a certified copy. The original is always kept in the Bureau of Vital Records in the State you were born, in the Department of Commerce. Do you know why in the Department of Commerce? Because your birth certificate, along with all the other birth certificates, is the collateral for Federal Reserve Notes.

Effectively, your birth certificate is the STATE’s certificate of title over you.

Now, how did you become chattel property of the STATE (being as the Constitution supposedly forbids slavery)? The short answer is by deceit and trickery. The STATE created a corporate fiction, your STRAWMAN with that birth certificate, and as long as you don’t know the difference between that STRAWMAN and you the real, live human being, the least common denominator is the STRAWMAN.

When you’re driving on the street, perhaps at a higher speed than the posted so-called speed limit, but you haven’t done any personal or property damage, the reason a cop can stop you, hand you a bill at gun point, and deny your rights to travel and due process in one fell swoop, is because the cop is not dealing with you the real, live human being, but only with the STRAWMAN.

Remember we were taught back in the 8th Grade that there are three branches of government – the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative? Well, where does the DMV or the IRS fit into that? They don’t. They’re in what some people have come to call the quasi-Fourth branch of government – the Administrative agencies. The Administrative agencies would like you to believe they have legislative authority over you. They don’t. The only authority or jurisdiction they can claim to have is in commerce, by contract, over corporate fictions.

The real you has God-given rights. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a country with a Constitution that supposedly protects those rights or not. You have God-given rights just by being here. The fake “you”, the corporate fiction or STRAWMAN, doesn’t have any God-given rights, only benefits and obligations under contract, and maybe “civil rights”, a poor substitute (fake) for real rights.

Civil rights may be politically correct, but they are counter to nature and real rights. For instance it may be a civil right not to be discriminated against because you have a pointy nose, but the deeper (real, God-given) right is the right to associate with anyone you want to and not to have to associate in any way with anyone you don’t want to. If you don’t want to hire pointy nosed people just because you don’t like pointy nosed people, that is your God-given right.

God-given rights include the rights to livelihood, property, travel, due process, sovereignty, happiness and health. These are not STATE privileges.

Knowledge really is power. It is important to know the difference between what is real and what is fake, and it is also good to know the rules. There are Constitutional experts in jail because they didn’t understand how they had contracted away their God-given rights in exchange for STATE privileges. It’s important to be familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code, because this is the real rules on planet Earth.

One of the ten basic maxims of Commercial law is this: “An unrebutted Affidavit is presumed to be true”. What this means is that whenever you get a bill, a fine, a penalty, assessment, or demand or presentment in commerce of any sort, it behooves you to respond to it timely, because if you don’t – if you ignore it, you acquiesce to the truth of it. You loose your due process, and it may not have been true at all in the first place.

The better way to play the commerce game is to respond timely and request that your adversary respond timely to you as well. Oftentimes it is ridiculously easy to pull the rug out from under an IRS agent or a debt collector simply by making a righteous formal request that they cannot or will not respond to.

Did you know that there is no law that makes it mandatory for any real, live human being to pay income taxes, have income taxes withheld from one’s pay, or even file tax returns? How could there be? It is an obvious fact, and the Supreme Court has ruled very clearly that when you file an income tax return, you are waiving your 5th Amendment Right to not testify against yourself. Certainly there can be no law that makes it mandatory that anyone waive and rights.

When many people get an inquiry from IRS asking them where their tax return is, they panic and ignore it, and six weeks later they get an unsigned assessment that contains added in fines and penalties – they on the way to being liened or levied. [Actually, the IRS never sends out real liens – only “Notices” of liens, but they usually get the County Recorders to treat them as real liens anyway.]

When you get a letter from IRS asking you where your tax return is, you might write back very humbly, simply and immediately and give them Power of Attorney to complete your tax return for you as long as they sign it under penalty of perjury – you may never hear from them again.

Another way to illustrate using the maxim “An unrebutted Affidavit is presumed to be true” is also an easy way to explain one approach to terminating unsecured debt.

Did you know that banks do not issue loans? This is a shocker to many people, because we are taught to believe that if we want a loan, we go to a bank. But banks don’t issue loans and there is no asterisk on that sentence. Banks are prohibited from loaning their customer’s assets because that would violate General Accounting principles. They are prohibited from loaning their own assets because that would violate Federal Reserve Regulations. What’s left? Nothing. Banks don’t issue loans.

What happens is when you leave the bank with a credit card application or another type of co-called loan application, you are actually giving the bank your promise to pay them with your signature on it. It could be on a piece of toilet paper. It is a promissory note that the bank cashes, and in a simple example, gives you a check of equal value in return. They don’t disclose that there wasn’t really any loan or any risk or collateral on their part and that they merely paid a clerk $12 an hour or so to make an entry in a computer. [This is what causes inflation because the so-called money is created out of thin air.] Then they (the banks) violate usury and racketeering laws all day every day by charging you principle and interest on the fictitious “loan”.

One way to terminate this unsecured debt, without bankruptcy, is: when your STRAWMAN gets the bill, send in a minimum payment with a cover letter that says at the top “Notice of Final Payment”. In this half a page cover letter, make a formal request in commerce, that they (the so-called creditor) answer your question, and your question is where was the risk or the collateral for that so-called loan.

Well, again, there was no loan; there was no risk, and there was no collateral. They can’t answer that question, and you end up creating a new contract in which your STRAWMAN doesn’t owe them anything anymore that replaces the old contract in which your STRAWMAN might have owed them thousands of dollars. This new contract is called a novation.

Evading responsibility is not being advocated by these prior statements. Certainly if you have made a mess, it is up to you to clean it up. But if the mess you’ve made is a merely a mirage, it is appropriate to handle it by mirage means.

Step by step over the last few decades, the substance of our money, our laws, our rights and our freedoms have been overlayed by something resembling but counter to these precious things.

Our society has become a tyrannical police state. Still however, it is our ability to be truly free human beings because it is our birthright – it just takes more knowledge then ever, and action, to step out of the negative spell that has been cast by the conspiratorial powers that be.

The laying of the groundwork to one’s freedom and sovereignty requires dotting all of the “i”s and crossing all of the “t”s and at least three steps:

1. Properly filing a UCC-1 form to establish a public record that you are not the STRAWMAN and in fact are the holder-in-due-course of it. This is the single most important tool in your toolbag because this alone changes the presumption of law from the side of the STATE to your side;

2. Making yourself the Power of Attorney over the corporate fiction; and

3. Copyrighting the STRAWMAN’s name. This doesn’t just give you another defensive strategy – it gives you a very important offensive weapon, because from this point on, anyone who is coming after your STRAWMAN for anything without your permission is trespassing on your commercial property.

You’ve possibly heard of the term “judicial immunity” a judge has, or so-called “unlimited immunity” a clerk or a cop or an IRS agent has protected by his or her agency. Well, it hardly exists at all. The only immunity any agent has is when they are within their jurisdiction, and they have no jurisdiction over you the real live person.

When you know the difference between who you are and who you’ve been led to believe you are (a corporate fiction) and how to effectively assert this difference, the scales of justice are unlocked and the balance of power tilts back to your favor.

There are many other things a freedom awakened person can do to truly be free. For more information, please email us. Any questions can be addressed, and please leave your phone number and best times to call if you’d like to be contacted. Peace.