Using Ancient Remedies to Cure Digestive Problems

The next time you toss back 3 Taco Bell specialties or participate in a late-night binge on Oreos, stop to consider the effects your digestive system. In the past, our ancestors used a variety of herbal remedies to keep their digestive system healthy and flowing appropriately. Whenever they faced problems, such as being unable to eliminate excess waste or suffered a deficiency in minerals or vitamins, they turned to some of the herbal cures listed in this article:

Helpful Herbs for Digestion

In ancient times, there were no pharmacies lining the streets that filled prescriptions dished out by doctors. Instead, they had to rely on what Mother Nature provided in the fields and forests of their land. Just some of the items they used to treat digestion problems included:

·    Hops: Used as a bitter stimulant, hops acts as a sedative that helps keep the digestion process on a regulated level. The plant also helps to keep nerves calm.

·    Bistort: Once known as ‘snakeroot,’ this effective astringent possessed a knack for soothing inflammation in the gut.

·    Licorice: To reduce inflammation, consider used dried licorice root or the liquid form of licorice extract. This herbal remedy choice also works to restore and stimulate digestion.

·    Wild Yam Root: If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, consider using wild yam root to relax your muscles, as well as treat one battling colicky pains.

·    Chamomile: Use chamomile flowers to fight the stress that comes with digestion problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome. The flowers also help calm the nerves.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Herbal Treatment Recipe

A collection of gastric offences is associated with irritable bowel syndrome, which often brings bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Patients also face bloating in the stomach, gas, and pain. Usually, the condition is connected to stress or intolerance towards certain foods. A mixture to jot down if you suffer from this ailment will use wild yam and chamomile to treat your symptoms.

Why use wild yam? This ingredient produces an effective antispasmodic result that relaxes the gut and subsides some of the causes of the condition. To relax the system, hops and chamomile are used, while you are able to return to normal digestion through the bitterness of hops.  


30 milliliters of wild yam tincture
30 milliliters of chamomile flower tincture
20 milliliters of bistort tincture
15 milliliters of hop tincture
5 milliliters of licorice fluid extract


First, make the individual tinctures necessary to complete this recipe. Pour the tinctures and fluid extract into a sterilized dark-colored glass bottle that measures 100 milliliters. Lastly, shake to combine the ingredients. A suggested dosage for this herbal remedy is to add 5 milliliters of the mixture to 100 milliliters of warm water. Take the mixture three times per day until your symptoms subside.