Using Essential Oils To Treat the Body

If you are thinking of adding essential oils for your next meditation session or trying to improve your overall health, you should know that the majority of methods available to you do not require the purchase of any special equipment. In this article, you will learn ways on how to treat various medical concerns, including colds and sore muscles.


When you are plagued with a cold, flu, or issues with your respiratory system, consider steam inhalation as a method of providing relief. Add 6 to 12 drops of an essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. While placing a towel over your head, breathe in deeply. Some people have also enjoyed a session of deep cleansing their face by using this method. It is important to note that if you suffer from asthma, then this is probably not the best approach to take.


Are you looking to detoxify and cleanse the body? Consider the benefits of using two drops of eucalyptus or pine oil (per ½ pint of water) when slipping into a sauna. Toss the water over the coals in the same manner that you would during any sauna session. Allow the water to evaporate, while you take in the vapors.


For this approach, gather a clean cotton cloth , you can use a small towel or handkerchief for this. Combine ¼ pint of warm water with 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. Squeeze out the extra water and spread across the area that you wish to treat. Cover and leave until it becomes cold. This method has worked wonders for people looking to ease the discomfort of bruises, headaches, and hot flushes. For headaches, place the compress across your forehead.

Body and Facial Oils

For a daily treatment of the face or body, you can use certain oils to your advantage. With this method, you can provide a great burst of nourishment to your skin. To create your own facial body oil, use a 1% blend of essential oil to carrier oil. For a blend to treat your body, use a 3 % blend of essential oil to carrier oil.


Pull out your handkerchief for another use besides wiping your nose. Here you will find one of the most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. This is because it is the most portable. Add 3 to 4 drops of an essential oil to your handkerchief. Inhale. This is a great way to treat the common cold or a pounding headache. Some people have found this a decent way to clear the head when the work day has become too hectic.