Using Herbal Remedies to Treat Baby Sleeplessness & Cradle Cap

While some parents feel that herbal remedies are not the way to go when it comes to treating their youngest children, there are quite a few all-natural recipes to consider. In this article, you will learn a few combinations of herbs and plants to mix that will take care of the symptoms associated with sleeplessness and cradle cap.


When a newborn enters a household , restless nights are expected, but when the sleeplessness gets out of hand to the point that it starts to affect the normal actions of your baby , consider a little extra help. After making sure the baby is comfortable, well fed, and their room isn’t too hot, try using the following herbal recipe for a soothing bath. In this approach, chamomile is the main ingredient, as it is often considered one of the best herbs to use when it comes to small babies. Not only does it create gentle sedation and calm, but also works to ease symptoms that may irritate a growing digestive system. Some babies are affect by overexcitement, which causes difficulties in sleep patterns.

In order to generate a chamomile bath, add two drops of chamomile oil and one drop of lavender oil to a bath. Swirl the oils about the water before starting a bath for the baby.

You may also use chamomile oil to massage a baby into a calmer state. It is suggested to combine one drop of chamomile oil with 20 ml of sweet almond oil. Instead of concentrating on the entire body, focus on using the oil to massage the forearms.

25 to 50 ml of an infusion containing 10 grams each of dried chamomile flowers, catnip, wood betony or lemon balm to 500 ml of water can be given to a baby at night. 

Cradle Cap

The scaly dermatitis that strikes the scalp of small babies can be quite the eyesore, which is sometimes an outcome of overactive sweat glands. Don’t worry , this baby ailment is not contagious and can be treated using an herbal remedy. When using oil made of heartsease and pot marigold, you can treat this and other disorders of the skin. It is the heartsease that creates a soothing effect, as well as combats inflammation. In pot marigold, you will find antifungal and astringent properties, which aid in the healing process.

To create this hot infused oil, combine 100 grams of pot marigold petals, 150 grams of heartsease, and 750 ml of sunflower oil. It is suggested to apply a little of the oil to the infected regions of the scalp for several times per day. Massage the oil in , making sure to treat the scalp with care. Also, be on the lookout for soft spots on a newborn’s head.

In case you were wondering a little more about heartsease, check out the article titled, ” All About Heartsease,” which illustrates its origin, uses, and different parts of the plant.