Using Natural Remedies to Ease Depression Part 2

Continuing the exploration of using natural and home remedies to ease the symptoms of depression, you will encounter a sensual way to keep mood swings away, as well as a couple of dietary changes that could have you in a better mood in no time.

13) Sexual intercourse also makes a difference when you are trying to shake the feelings that come with being depressed. During sessions of lovemaking , hormones and endorphins are released, which helps to boost the mood. This is also the same outcome that takes place when someone enjoys at least ½ hour to an hour of exercise (especially the kind that involves aerobic activity).

14) When mild depression settles in , staying active and physical can help. Many people feel much better after enjoying a comedy show, jumping around with the kids or taking the dog for a walk in the park.

15) When looking to calm the nerves, fruit juices are known for possessing magical powers of mood boosters. Throughout the day, it is suggested to sip on the juice of apples, pineapples, grapes, prunes, or cherries. You should make sure that the juice doesn’t have any added sugar or preservatives. Also, resist the temptation to drink it chilled or with ice, as room temperature beverage are more calming. 

16) You may also use a large onion that has been cut into very small pieces and combined with a tablespoon of honey. How you may ask? Onions possess a component called prostaglandin that is thought to deliver stress-relieving effects. It is recommended to eat half of this concoction with lunch and the other half during dinnertime.

17) When strawberries are in season, they can become helpful in combating depression. Try adding some to your diet after each meal (like a treat). Some people claim that edginess they once felt is no longer an issue. Plus, you can also enjoy the added bonus of whiter teeth.

18) You don’t have to visit someone who can apply the techniques of acupuncture to you in order to reap the benefits. Simply get a firm grip on your ankle and perform this home remedy on your own. Use your thumb and third finger (placing one just below the inside of your anklebone , and the other finger on the indentation located below your outer anklebone). As you keep steady with the pressure , count from 100 to one , taking slow breathes. This stress reliever only takes about one to two minutes to complete.

19) Have you discovered peppermint tea yet? The ingredients have an uncanny way of relaxing the system and preventing moodiness from ruining your day. It is suggested to drink the brew when it is warm and strong. 

20) Did you know that colors can have mood-changing effects? Green creates a harmonizing sense of well being, as it is the relaxing color of nature. Earthy tones are known to make you feel better. When dressing on a drab day , throw on a gentle gray or a soothing blue. The results are often amazing.

21) There are many different kinds of tea that can help change the mood (for the best). Consider a cup of sage tea, as it is known to ease a jittery mind and body. Try steeping a sage tea bag or one teaspoon of sage in one cup of warm water and leave for five minutes. Next, strain the tea and drink three cups on a daily basis.