Vedic Gemstones: Ayurveda Healing with Pearls

Pearls have a reputation for their healing properties because they are linked to lunar energy that has an influence on the physical body and on the mind. The pearl is the gemstone associated with the Moon and is used to triumph over the obstacles linked to the Moon. In this article, you will learn more about pearls and their significance to Ayurveda healing.

Where Pearls Come From

The next pearl that you wear may come from one of the following sources, which are believed to be the eight responsible for providing pearls to the public: Sky pearl, Cobra pearl, Bamboo pearl, Hog pearl, Elephantine pearl, Conch pearl, Fish pearl, or Oyster pearl.

High-Quality Pearls

When looking for an authentic pearl, it is important to select the specimens that will bring the best results. There are certain qualities to keep an eye out for. For example, genuine pearls are moonlike and offer a shining white color. They should be perfectly round with a shape that resembles a globe. Look for a luster in the pearl that is attractive and full of brilliance. Good pearls are smooth and appealing to the eye. Other features include a compact size, no spots, and free of dents, scratches, ridges and any other imperfections.

A flawed pearl may display cracks or ridges, which is thought to cause one’s health to decline if they are wearing such a specimen. A wavy thin line on the surface of the pearl is believed to cause misfortune. A dented pearl is associated with a loss of wealth, while unusual formations on the surface layer of a pearl is actually linked to sadness and disease. Basically, you should avoid pearls that lack luster and are broken, dirty, irregular, oddly shaped, dented, or spotted. If the pearl is black or copper colored, partly colored, or partly white , it is suggested to leave alone.

Rituals Involving Pearls

It is suggested to purchase a pearl on a Monday in the ascending moon cycle and avoid bringing home a new pearl on a Saturday. If you give the pearl to the jeweler on the same day for the creation of a ring, you will benefit from corresponding influences. Pearls are best mounted in a silver setting that has an open back that allows the pearl to have contact with the skin of the finger. To get the most out of your pearl, wear during the evening or when the Moon is rising.

Healing with Pearls

Pearl oxide is associated with giving a person strength and a longer life. When mixed with a pearl paste or powder, it is said that the gemstone has the power to treat eye issues, chest problems, tuberculosis, a weak heart, coughing, low-grade fever, hiccups, nosebleeds, and urinary issues. If someone is hallucinating and seeing evil spirits or ghosts, a pearl paste could be used as a solution.

Key Sites for the Best Pearls

The majority of pearls in the world come from the Gulf of Manar in Sri Lanka, the Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, Mexico, and Australia.