Warning: Scalar / Tesla experimentation health risks

Joseph Misiolek.


A warning from the T.V.Q. group as to the possibility of

Scalar / Tesla experimentation health risks.


There has been quite a lot of talk in the popular press concerning

the possible health risks due to exposure to electromagnetic


While these articles concern themselves with the unavoidable

exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated by domestic power

wiring and radio transmissions, there is reason to believe that

experimenters who work on Tesla coils and scalar electromagnetic

systems may have an additional cause for concern.

The following entry was downloaded from the Usenet some time ago:


The May/June issue of “Microwave News” contains very big news.

According to the lead article, the EPA’s long-awaited report on the

health risks of electromagnetic fields is about to be released.

However, Dr. William Farland, director of EPA’s Office of Health and

Environmental Assessment, apparently decided a few weeks ago to

delete the report’s two most important recommendations:

that 60 Hz powerline fields be classified by EPA as “Probable

Human Carcinogens” (like formaldehyde and creosote), and

higher frequency radio emissions and microwaves should be

classed as “Possible Human Carcinogens” (like saccharine).

MN says Dr. Farland’s justification for deleting these findings is

that the causal mechanisms are still not understood, especially the

relationship between dose and response, even though circumstantial

evidence for some degree of cancer risk can no longer be ignored.

MN editor Louis Slesin also says that Paul Brodeur will have another

installment of his “Annals of Radiation” series in the July 8th

issue of the New Yorker. He may comment on this latest EPA



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Here are the concluding paragraphs from the REVISED (June 1990)

draft summary of the EPA staff report, as quoted in MN:

“In conclusion, the several studies showing leukemia, lymphoma

and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to magnetic

fields from residential 60 Hz electrical power distribution

systems, supported by similar findings in adults in several

occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency

exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggests,

but does not prove, a causal link. Frequency components higher

than 60 Hz cannot be ruled out as contributing factors.

Evidence from a large number of biological test systems shows

that these fields induce biological effects that are consistent

with several possible mechanisms of carcinogenesis. However,

none of these processes has been experimentally linked to the

induction of tumors, either in animals or humans, by EMFs

[electromagnetic fields]. The particular aspects of exposure to

the EMFs that cause these events are not known.

“In evaluating the potential for carcinogenicity of chemical

agents, EPA has developed an approach that attempts to integrate

all of the available information into a summary classification

of the overall weight-of-evidence that the agent is carcinogenic

in humans.

At this time such a characterization regarding the link between

cancer and exposure to EMFs is not appropriate because the basic

nature of the interaction between EMFs and biological processes

is not understood.

For example, a real possibility exists that exposure to higher

field strengths is actually less hazardous than exposure to low

field strengths. Because of this uncertainty, it is

inappropriate to make generalizations about the carcinogenicity

of EMFs.

As additional studies with more definitive exposure assessment

become completed, a better understanding of the nature of the

hazard will be gained. With our current understanding we can

identify 60 Hz magnetic fields from power lines and perhaps

other sources in the home as a possible, but not proven, cause

of cancer in people. The absence of key information summarized

above makes it difficult to make quantitative estimates of risk.

Such quantitative estimates are necessary before judgments about

the degree of safety or hazard of a given exposure can be made.

This situation indicates the need to continue to evaluate the

information from ongoing studies and to further evaluate the

mechanisms of carcinogenic action and the characteristics of

exposure that lead to these effects.”

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The uncertainty in linking the electromagnetic field to any possible

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carcinogenicity is understandable in light of several

epidemiological studies which attempt to correlate levels of

exposure and incidences of cancers and leukemia. The results do

show some correlation, but not a simple one. For example, homes

located next to high current power transformers do have a higher

rate of incidence, but not as high as the homes located one house

further away from the same transformer.

We must keep in mind that these studies are conducted by collecting

data from field studies and then performing statistical analysis.

Such a study may not show the cause for a given effect if there is

more than one agent at work.

Although the Aharonov-Bohm effect has been proven in the lab, the

fact that the magnetic field is not a fundamental field is not yet

accepted or understood by the majority of scientists and engineers.

If the studies of electromagnetic exposure also included data on the

relative strengths of the A-fields as well as the B-fields there may

be a much stronger case for the possible carcinogenic effects.

To the best of our knowledge, no such study has been conducted to


Any such study would require the use of a detector which can

directly measure the intensity of the magnetic vector potential, or


Such detectors do exist, but current A-field detectors are not

practical for such studies.

With a practical, portable A-field detector, it would be possible to

go back to the original studies and add the relative field intensity


With this new data, a direct cause and effect relationship may


In his masterpeice of paranoia ” Fer-de-lance ” T.E. Bearden shows

on page 128, slide 33, a scalar wave detector. This device is

described as a Bedini version of the Dea / Faretto detector. This

device employs a permanent magnet with a field strength in excess of

forty kilogauss.

This magnet must then be shielded to prevent external

electromagnetic energy from reaching the coil above the magnet.

Such a detector is not practical, as the mass of a forty kilogauss

magnet is considerable at best, and the shielding needed would have

a still larger mass. It would be difficult to prove that the

shielding was not saturated, and that any signal detected was not

electromagnetic in origin.

Several layers of shielding would be needed to prevent magnetic

coupling of external electromagnetic signals to the secondary

magnetic fields set up in the shielding itself.

The operation of this detector is based on the theory that the

magnet’s field will be modulated by an incident scalar wave or A-

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field. It is not known to members of this group why the magnet must

have such a high field strength, but we assume that this is

necessary to induce a signal in the coil strong enough to be

measured. The inclusion of a preamplifier into the detector design

would seem to support this conclusion.

Our research group has developed a detector design which is also

based upon the magnetic modulation theory, but uses a magnetic field

which is considerably smaller. Because the magnetic field strength

is much smaller the shielding problems are also reduced, along with

the detector’s mass.

This detector design has been proven to have exceptionally high

sensitivity and is also directional. By using an external pickup

coil in addition to the detector it is possible to positively

determine if any given detected signal is of electromagnetic origin.

Placed in proximity to a pair of conductors carrying household

current to a load, this detector shows an A-field to be present at

twice the line frequency.

This can be understood by referring to page 123, slide 23, of

” Fer-de-lance “.

While not exactly light in weight, this new detector is portable and

most important, could be constructed by experimenters to measure the

fields generated by whatever devices the experimenter chooses. As

experimenters develop and improve their devices, they must also

modify the balance of electromagnetic and scalar energy in the


Even a simple Tesla coil, with a single shorted turn, will produce

quite large magnetic fields and their associated A-fields. As the

device is improved, the potential health risks due to these fields


It is our belief that the ratio of electromagnetic field strength to

A-field strength is involved in determining the biological effect of

electromagnetic fields, and that this accounts for the difficulties

in determining the carcinogenic agent.

We are currently investigating several ways to make detailed

construction plans for these detectors available to anyone

interested in using them, either for their own work or for studies

on the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems.

Anyone interested should post E-mail to Harold Kobrin’s account on

the TESLA Section of the Colorado Mountain BBS.