Was There a Mysterious Disneyland Club 33?

When it comes to some of the mysteries regarding Disneyland, have you heard the one about a private club that was supposed to thrive throughout New Orleans Square?
  It was called the Club 33 and it was the only place in the entire park where alcohol could be found.
  So, what’s the scoop on this myth unraveled?


The mysterious Club 33 is said to exist since 1967, where only members and their guests were allowed to enter. It was always located in the New Orleans Square area. When tracing the history of the club, you will learn that the original intentions of this establishment were to offer a private place for Walt Disney to keep the sponsors of the park entertained. In actuality, the club did not open its doors until after Disney had already passed away.


The club was opened up to the public through a limited membership list and has thrived ever since. Below you will find a few details concerning this exclusive getaway when the cotton candy and rides are too much to bear:


1) When visiting Disneyland, you may happen upon the Disney Gallery. This space was originally intended to act as a private dwelling for Disney family members, which would have shared a kitchen with Club 33. After Walt Disney passed away in 1966, interest was lost in the idea of creating the apartment. Prior to the establishment of the Disney Gallery, the space was set aside for offices.


2) Why was the club named with a β€œ33?” Some feel that the club was named after its 33 Royal Street address, while others feel Disney simply liked the way the numbers appeared. Other tales involve the fact that there were thirty-three original park sponsors and lessees, but this claim was later refuted since Disneyland never had thirty-three participants.


3) So, how is it that alcohol can be served only at this part of Disneyland? Stories swirl about the idea that the club was given its own address so that it made it OK for a liquor license to be granted. This was not the case because all of the buildings on Main Street and Royal Street possess their own address. When investigating the address listed on Club 33’s liquor license, you will find that it is actually the general delivery address of Disneyland, which can be found on West Street.


4) Free phone calls are offered to club guests on a reproduction of the same phone that appeared in the movie, β€œThe Happiest Millionaire.” This phone booth is situated in the hallway of the upstairs part of the bar.


5) There was the interesting rumor that the Trophy Room still possesses hidden microphones and speakers. When the club was constructed, these items did exist, but to the knowledge of all, they are no more. Why were there so many mics all around the joint? While many thought it was for the employees to eavesdrop on the chatter of club members, it was actually so that audio-animatronic animals could entertain. Unfortunately, this idea never materialized.


6) If you are interested in becoming a member of this exclusive club, you should know that there are approximately 400 current members and before you are given the slightest chance, there is a waiting period for new memberships that lasts about 2-3 years.