Weird Things that People Eat I

You may never look at an egg the same again once you learn how some people in China eat them. Around the world, there are many different ingredients and dishes served for dinner. In this article, you will learn of some meals that involve the ox, really old eggs, and monkeys.

Ox Penis

You’d probably never thought that eating the genitals of an animal is appetizing, but in some parts of the world ”“ such animal appendages are considered delicacies. In some places, ox penis is usually dried and made into dog treats, but if you live in certain Asian nations, the penis of the ox is consumed by humans. One of the most popular ways to eat the ox penis is to steam or deep fry, but some people will eat the dish raw. Westerners who have tried the dish describe the taste as being comparable to overcooked squid.

Century Egg

Depending on the process that is followed, the Chinese create an ingredient called the century egg, which is made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a blend of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice straw. The ingredients are then left together for several weeks to several months. Once the process is finished, the yolk turns a dark green color with a creamy consistency. However, there is a strong odor that develops ”“ similar to rotten eggs ”“ thanks to the scent of sulphur and ammonia. The white of the eggs turns a shade of dark brown and the consistency of a transparent jelly that has very little flavor or taste.

Century eggs are eaten as it or chopped to make an ingredient for another recipe. In the end, people are eating a rotten egg. It is not uncommon to see the century egg served at a wedding banquet or birthday party. Other names for the egg include: preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg, thousand-year-old egg, and millennium egg.

Monkey Brains

A well-known scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies shows Indy sitting at a dinner table with severed monkey heads being served. After removing the top of the skull, it was revealed that one of the dishes on the menu was monkey brains. This was not a part of the movie world, but a real tradition that is seen in some parts of the world, such as China. The Chinese have been eating raw monkey brains for years ”“ despite the threat of contracting fatal diseases.

There are various ways the brains are eaten, including being cooked, raw (sometimes directly out of the dead monkey’s skull), and eaten fresh ”“ spooned out of the skull while the monkey is still alive. More strange things that people are discussed in the article titled, “Weird Things that People Eat II”