Weird Things that People Eat II

Around the world, there are plenty of delicacies and dishes that would make the average American squirm. In this article, you will encounter odd things that people eat, such as a tea made out of butter and a rodent that most people despise.

Yak Butter Tea

The combination of yak butter, salt and tea create a beverage that is quite popular in Tibet. It is said that the average Tibetan can drink 50 to 60 cups of this common drink (called butter tea) in any given day. A strong flavor for the tea is created by drying the leaves in the road for several days. The tea is then boiled for up to half a day. The leaves are churned in a churn made out of bamboo. Salt, a pinch of soda and rancid butter is added to the tea. When drinking the tea, you will find a scum that forms at the edge of the cup. People blow this away before drinking. While people in the West add milk and sweeteners to their tea, the Tibetans instead add flour and tsu (a blend of hardened cheese, butter and sugar).

Duck Fetus

In Asia, the fetus of a duck (called balut) is considered a real treat. The delicacy consists of a fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed embryo inside. The embryo is boiled and eaten right out of the shell. Mostly sold by street vendors at night in regions that have access to the duck eggs, balut is believed to possess aphrodisiac qualities and is considered a high-protein satisfying snack. Most people will eat the food with a glass of beer. The duck eggs are kept warm in the sun and kept in baskets so that they stay heated. After nine days pass, the eggs are held to a light so that you can see the embryo that has grown inside. About eight days later, the balut is ready to be cooked, sold and devoured.

Duck eggs that have not properly developed after nine to twelve days are sold as what is called ‘penoy’ ”“ they look, smell, and taste just like regular hard-boiled eggs. The Filipinos have been known to beat and fry their balut ”“ in a similar manner to scrambled eggs and serve the dish with a dip made out of vinegar. Balut is especially popular in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.


While places like New York City are struggling to control their population of rats, people in other countries would be ecstatic since the rodents are a common food in some parts of the world. For example, villagers living in North Korean often eat the creatures when there is nothing else to consume. However, the rats are a different species ”“ not the city rats we know, but field rats that are described as having a tough texture, but taste similar to chicken.