What Dandelions, Evening Primrose, & Elderflowers Can Do For You

While they are nice to look at, elderflowers and evening primrose are plants that possess the power to ease health problems, such as the symptoms of cold and flu. In this article, we will also explore what the lawn demon, the dandelion has to offer you in terms of health and even in the scope of diet.


From the flowers and plant of the evening primrose, the oil associated with this herbal wonder has gained quite a reputation throughout the years. When it comes to over-the-counter supplements, this is one of the more popular ones to hit the scene. The reason that this approach towards herbal remedies has become a public favorite deals with the high content of gamma-linolenic acid that it possesses. The plant also satisfies the body’s positive reaction for an essential fatty acid that is rather important in keeping up with the normal functions of the body.


During the summer, it is the yellow flowers of the plant that make an attractive sight. With evening primrose, it is the seed oil that offers relief from a variety of health conditions. The oil has been known to treat the following problems: skin defects, irregularities in menstruation, arthritis, and alcohol dependency.


Now, during the summer, these little suckers can sure drive you crazy day after day, but dandelions aren’t just weedy nuisances. You can actually use these plants to treat health problems. There has been a tradition attached to dandelions, where potent diuretics were fashioned. Since the 15th century, the dandelion has appeared in the herbal remedy history of Europe. Not only can you use the root and leaves to create herbal treatments, but you may also use immature leaves as a tasty ingredient in salads.


Filled with potassium, dandelion leaves are better used as a strong diuretic than choosing the root. It is the root that creates a great tonic for the liver. The root also makes for a good treatment regarding a wide-range of digestive issues. Whenever you are in need of a decent skin cleanser or wish to release the tension pertaining to arthritic woes, dandelion is a great approach to consider.


There are many different parts of the elder plant that can be used to treat a variety of health concerns. Today, the main part of the plant that is used to treat medical problems is the flowers. Another part of the plant that is used to create natural remedies is the stems and leaves of young plants, which is known to make a traditional ointment that is green in color. As the elder tree is frequently spotted within countryside areas, many seek out its capabilities as they pick the brilliant purple berries that come from this herbal item. In the winter, wine and jam can be made from the berries.


When it comes to treating health concerns, elderflowers are great for breaking up the phlegm that comes with hay fever, colds, and the flu. The flowers have been known to decrease the intensity of fevers, as well as lessen inflammation. The flowers have a power that can be used both internally, as well as externally. As for the berries, which have also been used to make delicious drinks and teas, a high amount of vitamin C is provided.