What Do You Know About the Company that Seems to Have the Government in its Pocket?

For the second year in a row, Consumerist readers have voted video game makers Electronic Arts (EA) as the Worst Company in America ”“ taking nearly 78% of the vote. They’ve been accused of mistreating their customers and not delivering the games that their buyers expect to receive in the first place. Upon learning the news, readers began to share their opinions on the companies they believed were the worst in America. A handful of people agreed that Monsanto should take the cake, and do you know why?

What Does Monsanto Do?

Monsanto is the leading chemical producer for agricultural items, and has put a lot of products on the market ”“ many of which you have probably already heard of. In addition to producing a range of herbicides, they also manufacture the best-selling herbicide RoundUp. They put out different brands of seeds, and also aid farmers and seed companies fulfill their biotechnology needs, such as providing protection against insects. The company also creates and distributes Bovine Growth Hormone (BST).

Monsanto’s Connection to Food and Drink

For many, it’s hard to swallow that such a company would have anything to do with some of your favorite foods and drinks, but Monsanto has found a place within the soft drink industry. They manufacture saccharin and aspartame (also known as NutraSweet). If you’ve been following the news headlines regarding artificial sweeteners, then you know that it has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous substances on the planet with detrimental side effects and is a source of health problems, such as cancer and allergic reactions. Aspartame is found in more than 6,000 products, such as Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure, as well as a range of soft drinks, yogurt, and desserts.

Lately, wheat has made the news for being a substance in foods that leads to an array of health issues. Monsanto isn’t making matters any better. They’ve formed an advisory committee for the wheat industry so that they may provide advice and support for the best ways on how to incorporate biotechnology into the wheat industry. Another food and drink-related controversy of the company is the labeling of milk in the United States in relation to recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone.

Recent Developments in the News

The latest news about Monsanto is that a new hidden law permits the company to plant and sell GMO (genetically modified) seeds even if they are later deemed toxic. The bill known as HR 933 is at the center of a government-spending issue. Concealed deep within the hundreds of pages, an observant reader will may across Section 735, and notice that there is something called the “Monsanto Protection Act.”

This law, which President Obama recently signed and approved, is treading into some dangerous territory. It sets a precedent that touches upon the power of elite corporations in connection with the government and the American public. Passing this law means that Monsanto is virtually untouchable from any restrictions or actions that the federal courts may want to put into effect concerning their crops ”“ even if they are believed to be a danger to the people or the environment.

What does this mean?

If years into the future, countless studies and research prove that Monsanto’s products or actions lead directly to widespread harm, such as an increase in cancer diagnosis, there is nothing the United States government can do about it.
If you don’t see this as a great danger to the future of our health”¦then”¦