What Happened to Taylor Momsen? Teenage Rebellion or Satan’s Little Helper

Former child star Taylor Momsen is once again making headlines for a music video released weeks ago that has become a controversy amongst many parents, who now view the youth as an increasingly sinister presence in the celebrity world. Momsen has come a long way from the cutesy, nearly angelic character Cindy Lou that she played in The Grinch movie. After a transition into the TV show Gossip Girl, and modeling for Madonna’s fashion line, she’s been focusing more on her music career, which continues to support a much darker agenda.

People first started to notice a change in Momsen when she began consistently appearing in public in clothing that was described as ‘goth’ – dark colors and mostly black attire. She also started wearing black lipstick, heavy makeup, and sided with an overall more dramatically dark look. Her blonde locks were replaced with black-dyed tresses. The new Taylor Momsen was a complete 360-degree change from the way she looked when she first became an actress.

Therefore, it isn’t any surprise that one of Momsen’s latest musical creations is sending a dark message with Satanic undertones. The latest single released by her band is titled, ‘Going to Hell,’ and you can clearly see just how far the good girl turned bad has come. The theme of the video basically shows Momsen indulging in some of the seven deadly sins. One of the most glaring references in the video is seen in her portrayal of Biblical Eve (from the Garden of Eden) who is tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. Momsen has a snake draped around her neck, and is seen holding an apple in one hand. Interestingly, an illuminated background intensifies the overall look.

Other disturbing features of the music video include:

•    An orgy-like scene where Momsen is surrounded by near-naked bodies.
•    Momsen makes a mockery of the crucifixion by mimicking the pose.
•    A close-up of an eyeball, which may suggest single-eye symbolism.
•    Momsen’s fractured reflection is seen in a mirror.

Momsen’s music career has steadily escalated into the types of things that God-fearing parents do not want their children to come in contact with. When Momsen was 16 years old, she released a music video for ‘Miss Nothing,’ which centered on their interpretation of the Last Supper. A scantily clad Momsen played the role of Mary Magdalene, rolling about the table which was decorated with skulls and other disturbing items. In her video for ‘Make Me Wanna Die,’ she uses flames and the gates of Hell to make a point – all while stripping her clothing as she walks down a dark road.

Other themes that Momsen has sung about and references in her music videos include prostitution, suicide, and the apparent non-existence of God.

While looked upon in the past as the stereotypical Illuminati puppet, it is clear to see that Momsen has completely crossed over to the dark side and seems to support a more Satanic message in her music. Outside of her music videos and lyrics, she also embraces a Satanic message.

For example, in FHM Magazine, she was photographed wearing a Church of Satan T-shirt. At one of her performances, she wore a T-shirt that read: ‘I **** for Satan.’ She’s also been photographed wearing a shirt highlighting the face of occult master Aleister Crowley.