What is a LifeGem?

LifeGem DiamondSurfing the Net, I came across an interesting website of a company that actually turns human and pet remains (cremated ashes) into diamonds. It is called LifeGem and browsing the website allows you to learn about the process used, as well as read testimonials and tributes that actually showcase finished diamonds. In this article, we will discuss what is a LifeGem and how does it differ or act the same as a diamond you purchase from a jeweler.


The creation of diamonds is not a new process, as most people think they strictly come out of the ground or mines. The process of creating quality manmade diamonds fit for a wedding ring has been going on in labs for a while now and have even earned a place in many jewelry catalogs. Today, a company by the name of LifeGem has taken a very different approach towards creating the gem that is supposedly a “girl’s best friend.” LifeGem takes the carbon found in cremated human (or pet) remains and transforms it into a diamond that one can proudly display around their neck, wrist, in their ears, or however they choose.


Some family members are mortified by the thought, while others are highly accepting of the opportunity to own a bright and shining memory of their lost loved one that will stand the test of time. Some people are curious as to how carbon plays a role in this unique process. During cremation, carbon is released, which is trapped in a dark powder, which is then heated to produce graphite. The graphite is sent to a lab where it can become synthesized into a brilliantly colored diamond.


The beauty of the LifeGem process is that dozens of stones can come from the remains of one individual, meaning an entire family may receive a lasting memory of their father, mother, grandmother, best friend, or faithful companion. To date, an individual may choose diamond sizes that range from 0.25 to 1.3 carets, although the company plans to offer larger option in the near future.


The LifeGem process also does not utilize all of the ashes of each individual , it will only gather the carbon produced in the cremation process to use in fashioning the diamond from a loved one. The family will still have ashes in their possession once the diamond process has been completed.


Some people are rather skeptical when it comes to the process of turning human or pet remains into diamonds. How do we know the diamond we purchase was made from our loved ones? According to LifeGem, the procedure comes with an open door policy, which allows family members to keep track of many aspects of the process. A tracking system helps them follow the entire process, which includes cremation (if done through LifeGem) to the faceting of the diamond. Special markers are also used to track individual remains.


The quality of a diamond that comes from LifeGem offers a range of caret sizes, cuts, and colors. Some of the past creations have showcased shades of blue, red, green, yellow, and even colorless specimens. The clarity of a LifeGem diamonds is also without any flaws (just like one that comes from nature). LifeGem diamond ratings often range from VVS to I.