What is Bladderwrack?

Over time, there has been many different kinds of seaweed that has been used to therapeutically treat those suffering medical ailments. During the 18th century, taking bladderwrack and distilling the long ribbons was the process that isolated iodine. At the time, this was the primary approach towards extracting iodine, which lasted for more than 50 years. 

In the past, the herb proved beneficial for those trying to treat goiter, which was a swelling of the thyroid that was associated with a lack of iodine. As the 1860s rolled around, claims that bladderwrack could fight obesity by increasing the metabolic rate started to spread. Ever since, the seaweed has been seen popping up in many different remedies used for losing weight. 

Bladderwrack is cool, moist, and salty to the taste. In addition to providing iodine, the substance consists of mucilage and other minerals. Volatile oil is also a component. When taking bladderwrack, you may explore the metabolic stimulant, anti-rheumatic, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is the thalli (long ribbons) of bladderwrack that is used to create natural remedies, which comes in both fresh and dry forms. Thalli are known as a metabolic stimulant that is actually gentle in nature. This is why bladderwrack is used to treat fatigue and periods of recovery. The anti-rheumatic properties possess internal capabilities and are also applied as a topical remedy. Since bladderwrack is rich in iodine, those who do not get enough of this substance can prevent thyroid deficiency by taking a supplement. If you are adventurous enough to gather your own bladderwrack from the great outdoors, keep in mind the better specimens are found in the ocean than on the beach. 

Thalli treatments come as a tincture, infusions, pills, capsules, and infused oil. Taking a tincture of thalli will help with thyroid deficiency, which is quite satisfying since it is gentle in stimulating the metabolism. This remedy is also good for treating rheumatic conditions. A thalli infusion is the type of approach one may take for boosting their weight loss program. This is especially helpful when obesity in connected to possessing a slow metabolism. It is important to keep in mind that this is not an easy way of losing weight. 

The pills and capsules of bladderwrack are used as a metabolic stimulant. It is suggested to take three to six per day, which is known to assist in the reduction in obesity that is connected to an under active thyroid. When used an infused oil of bladderwrack, it is recommended to macerate 500 grams of dried bladderwrack, which is kept overnight in two cups of sunflower oil. In the morning, heat in a waterbath for two hours and then strain. This oil is then used as an external treatment for arthritic joint pains or rheumatism. 

Bladderwrack Cautions

Just like any substance found in the sea, bladderwrack is at risk for becoming heavily polluted with metals. If you are in an area where mercury and cadmium levels are high, do not collect , it is not worth it. If you suffer hyperthyroidism, bladderwrack should be avoided.