What is the Blobfest?

Holidays and common celebrations throughout the year, such as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades and Easter brunches are well known in the United States. However, have you ever heard of the Blobfest in Pennsylvania? This get-together pays homage to the B-rated science-fiction slash horror classic films that first started in the 1950s, but has seen a couple of remakes over the years. So, what exactly goes on when you attend the Blobfest and when is it?

When looking for a unique festival to settle into , why not consider the Blobfest (what a cool name) that is held in the middle of July every year in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania , a small town situated on the outskirts of Philadelphia. The festival has been going on for about five years now , allowing film buffs to truly enjoy the festivities. In the past, the festival held a costume contest. The theater showed “The Blob” four different times. In the theater lobby, a collection of memorabilia and movies were found.

Taking a Look at the Original and Remake

The Blob (1958)

Tagline: ” Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor.”

An alien life form that only continues to get larger is the focus of this movie, which shows Steve McQueen playing the protagonist. Below are a few interesting trivia facts concerning the film:

Taking on the character of Steve Andrews, this portrayal would mark the last time that Steve McQueen is billed as “Steven.”

In the shooting script, the monster is referred to as “the mass.”

The film was partially filmed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (home of Blobfest), as the theater that the cast is seen running out of is the Colonial Theater.

The film was very close to showcasing the title of “The Glob,” but when it was discovered that the cartoonist Walt Kelly had already laid claim to this title , it was changed.

Interestingly, producer Jack H Harris boasted that the film cost $240,000 to produce, but in later years , the director (Irvin Yeaworth Jr) corrected this estimate as only $120,000.

Ironically, Steve McQueen was offered $2,5000 or 10% of the profits for his role in the movie. He didn’t have faith that the film would make as much and took the flat rate payment. He ended up missing out on 10% of $4 million.

The Blog (1988)

Tagline: ” Scream now, while there’s still room to breathe.”

In this remake of the 80s, the movie saw Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith (of ‘Saw’ fame), and Donovan Leitch take on roles.

Interesting Trivia

At the end of the movie when the blob appears crystallized , rock salt dyed purple was used.

Donovan Leitch (Paul Taylor in the movie) , had a full body cast made of himself that was used in the taping of the scene where his character is trapped underneath the blob.

Another remake involving the Blob includes:

Beware! The Blob (1972) , also known as “Son of the Blob”

The plot centers on a technician that brings back a frozen specimen of the original Blob out of the North Pole and his wife accidentally causes it to defrost. Interestingly, Larry Hagman , who played the character of J.R. from “Dallas” directed this film.