What Makes Alexandrite So Special?

AlexandriteWhen it comes to alexandrite, there are numerous reasons why this gemstone is thought to be so rare. Before we get started with the ins and outs of this gem, a brief description about the appearance of alexandrite is needed for those who are not familiar. This exciting gemstone changes color depending on the kind of light it is exposed to”¦


As alexandrite comes in contact with natural light, the gemstone usually showcases an olive shade of green. When the mineral is exposed to artificial light, the shade you will be able to view is described as a raspberry shade of red. Additional background details regarding alexandrite include its association with the astrological sign of Aquarius. To possess alexandrite is to represent a symbol of loyalty. If you encounter alexandrite in your dreams, signs of progress and struggle are brought to the light.


Now, let’s get to why natural alexandrite is considered a rarity. For starters, it has the ability to change color when presented in different environments of light. It belongs to the chrysoberyl group of gemstones, which is quite rare because it can only be found in small amounts about the world. The percentage of chrysoberyls that actually change their shade is rather minute, making it a rare and special find whenever one is discovered, uncovered or possessed.


This leads us to why natural alexandrite is so darn expensive. The supply and demand of this alluring gemstone makes prices rise pretty high. Despite that the fact that it is so expensive, being a rare gem also contribute to the overall appeal of this item. Another reason why alexandrite is costly is because it is presents a desired hardness of 8.5. This gem is hard and tough, able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday jewelry use.


The production of this gemstone has always been limited. It also has a history that can be traced back to the remnants of Russian Tsars in the past. If you have a deep interest in alexandrite, then you probably already know the significance of the gem throughout history, but for those who are unfamiliar with the details. Just like the precious diamond has shaped, ruled and influenced the movements of some of the most powerful men and women throughout time, alexandrite has a story all of its own.


When taking a look at great moments or time periods in history, you will find that many gemstones have played a role in the jealousy and greed of some very important people. Alexandrite is no exception and it is the following connection to history that makes the gem an even more intriguing item, sparking the interest of collectors from across the globe.


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