What of the Other 11/11’s Throughout History?

With 11/11/2011 coming up in November of this year much energy has been gathered around this date as a period of spiritual awakening.  And in the significance of this event some are suggesting it will be like nothing we have ever seen throughout mankind’s history.  But still some skeptics suggest 11/11 is nothing more than another number.  Looking back on the history of historically significant dates we can see they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Events that occurred on 11/11 have always been significant and more often than not redefined the consciousness of the people at that time.  For example, the notion of transubstantiation in the Catholic church’s communion was born on November 11, 1215.  Mathematics has similarly followed in its footsteps with the public for the first time being made aware of Calculus on November 11, 1675 when Gottfried Leibnitz showed an assembled group the equation y=f(x).  Washington was accepted as the 42nd state of the United States on this day.  And of course there was also the historic signing of the armistice agreement on the railroad tracks (two lines running parallel to one another like an eleven) which ended fighting at 11:00.

Ancient rituals would often take place on this day, fueling the assertion that has become more popular recently that 11 is a number of awakening and that specifically 11/11 is a nexus at which we all are to become more spiritually awakened than ever before.  And with the 9th wave taking place, some have raised the question that even if the consciousness shift takes place earlier, 11/11 will be the date that we all become aware of it.  It is perhaps no accident that this year is 2011 when 11/11 will be joined by yet another 11 and we will reach a numerological date of extreme significance.

In 1911 on November 11th, this significance was demonstrated primarily by extremely strange weather patterns with a freeze that shattered previous records for the date alongside a warm front that heated things up.  It is no coincidence that the records were written down in the ledger for this day at – you guessed it – 11:11.

Of course some of the significance of the number 11 were revealed shortly after September 11th, 2001 when some of the coincidences were too incredible to be ignored.  A “conspiracy theorist numerology” arose from the many items of numerical significance, none of which were more profound than the number 11’s repeated appearance in all major areas of the date – such as the number on Flight 11, the fact that the World Trade Center itself looked like a giant 11, the fact that 11 firefighters were recovered from the collapsed building, the number of letters in significant landmarks, the numbers of all casualties added together amounting to eleven (2,801: 2+8+0+1=11) and many more.

Is the number eleven in itself significant?  If you look at the facts you can judge for yourself.  But if you come to the conclusion that they are, you will be in good company.  And you will join the ranks of millions of others who are waiting for this November 11th with anticipation.