What Statements Are Being Made with the 2014 Lexus Car Commercials?

Illuminati symbolism seems to creep up when you least expect it. Usually, pyramids and single-eye imagery constantly appear in the latest music videos and movies (both hidden and in plain sight), but this isn’t the only way that we come in contact with the symbols. TV commercials and print ads are also guilty of incorporating such symbolism that is associated with the likes of Freemasons and other secret organizations. One of the latest car models to draw criticism is the new Lexus, where its new commercial is practically screaming questionable choices in creativity.

In an attempt to appeal to a trendier generation of consumers, it seems that Lexus has embraced a different approach when marketing the latest model to hit the market. In a fast-paced, flash of images, you will encounter a rush of prominent Illuminati-linked symbols in the commercial titled ‘Change Lanes’ that includes single-eye symbolism and the concept of duality, which is also a favorite amongst the Masons. The commercial also shows imagery related to mind control, as well as hints of a New World Order agenda.

In a society that constantly highlights the importance of appearance, image and status, you’ll notice that many luxury car ads have something in common – they want to appeal to the elite, and they want the middle class to splurge on a car in an attempt to feel like one of the elite. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see ultra-stylized commercials for such goods. However, some of the imagery borders on being creepy and extremely odd. Yet, if you are familiar with some of the common themes and images associated with the Illuminati, then some of the creative choices might make a little more sense to you.

A checkered or checkerboard pattern makes a significant statement in the commercial. Members of the Illuminati, Freemasons, and the occult are known to identify with the concept of duality, where black and white contrasting themes figure prominently into their existence. Depending on the circumstances, the duality may represent the contrast related to light and dark, or good and evil. This concept of duality is also why the floors of Masonic temples display a checkerboard pattern.

In the commercial, we see a model wearing a dress with a checkerboard pattern. She also covers one of eyes with a hand to create the infamous single-eye symbolism that is becoming increasingly acceptable in today’s society. The concept of duality is also represented by the intertwined black and white snakes that appear in the ad. The second ad for the new Lexus (called ‘Color Shift’) also highlights a models promoting single-eye symbolism, checkerboards appearing in a man’s sunglasses, and blatant images of duality.

When odd, out-of-the-ordinary images are inserted into a commercial, one must ask themselves, ‘why is this even here? What does this mean?’ When police in riot gear appear in the ad, there is no clue reasoning behind the decision. However, the concept of a police state is one that goes in line with the one-world government, New World Order concept that the elite are believed to support. Interestingly, models in the commercial appear as if they are ‘blinded’ or cannot see – making a statement that could very well point to the existence of MK-Ultra brainwashing within the entertainment or fashion industry.