What’s Up with Daft Punk and the Illuminated Pyramids?

Although the pyramid and additional symbols are associated with the Illuminati and other secret societies, it’s unfair to automatically assume that everyone who embraces these symbols is a member (or trying to support these groups). The most common offenders are celebrities and people working in the music entertainment industry…mostly because their actions and lives are continuously caught on the camera. In the case of Daft Punk, a French electronic duo whose been in the music business since 1993, there are some that believe their attraction to the pyramid symbol may have other motives.

During the late 1990s, Daft Punk gained popularity during the house movement in France, and continued to attract fans by combining house with synthpop. They played an instrumental role in the French house scene, carving a name for themselves over the years that has also gained a following in the United States.

Daft Punk is known for putting on an elaborate live show with visuals and special effects incorporated into the music which help elevate the overall experience of seeing the duo perform. Pyramids play an important role in setting not only the mood of a show, but also the stage – sometimes even serving as the booth for the DJ. It is the pyramid that causes some to believe the group is making a statement that speaks to the Illuminati. To intensify the suspicion, a massive pyramid may appear at the center of a stage in an illuminated fashion. That in of itself is interpreted as an ‘illuminated pyramid.’

Since the duo heavily incorporates the pyramid into their performances, it is not uncommon to see the members flashing a hand gesture that represents a ‘triangle shape.’

Although the names of the musicians are known, there is still mystery that surrounds the duo. This is also another reason why some people have questioned the motives or intentions of the musicians. They rarely appear on TV shows, don’t bother with the late night talk show circuit, and will not sit down for interviews. And, since 2001, the two musicians have taken to disguising their identity altogether while they are performing or appearing in public.

One of the most recognizable and frequently used disguises associated with the duo is when they take on the persona of robots. Usually, the entertainers are seen wearing elaborate helmets and metallic gloves, and at times, the attire worn may ‘light up’ in some way. Some have felt that the very fact that they choose to dress as robots is also sending out a specific message. They’ve been quoted as saying that they choose to appear as robots to “easily merge the characteristics of humans and machines.” No official photos of the musicians circulate, and when not appearing in disguise, the members appear in animation.

Daft Punk’s mystique, aversion to being in the spotlight, and strong interest in pyramids is why they often come under scrutiny when it comes to theories regarding entertainers associated or embracing the Illuminati.