When Painful Periods and Food Issues Strike Your Teenage Girl”¦

As a teenage girl, you will face a wealth of hormonal changes within your body that will cause you to need a little extra help. As a young female inches her way closer and closer to becoming a woman, there are various results that arise, which cause a series of uncomfortable, and often embarrassing situations. In this article, we will take a look at how herbal remedies can ease teenage girl concerns, such as irregular or painful periods.


Irregular or Painful Periods


If you see your teenage daughter pulling her hair out at the ups and downs of her menstrual cycle, this erratic pattern could take a while to get on an even level. The typical amount of time that it takes for a teenage girl to find stability with her period is two to three years after puberty has struck. After then, a pattern is sure to follow.


When her period becomes too much to bear or the irregularity is driving her crazy, there are a few natural approaches to consider before dragging her to the doctor’s office. To ease the pain that comes with cramps and other menstrual cycle annoyances, you may give your teenager a St. John’s wort infusion on a daily basis. The dosage for this remedy option is one cup per day. This will also help your daughter to relax. At the start of period cramps, taking 20 ml of black haw bark tincture is said to help. If no comfort was achieved, the remedy can be repeated within another four hours.


Food Issues


While both young males and females have a weakness for falling for food fads and unwise dieting, females have always been portrayed as needing special attention in this area of health. During the teenage years, it is quite common to see a young adult give into their vulnerabilities regarding their weight. Eating disorders run rampant among the young, as many become obsessed with their weight, dieting, and counting calories. Special diets also lure teenagers into a pit of despair and unhealthy practices. Some young girls will avoid meat in an attempt to cut calories, while others may avoid food altogether.


When the appetite fails your teenage daughter, there are ways to naturally cause stimulation. 2-5 drops of barberry tincture to stimulate the digestive system, which goes well with warm water. This remedy works well just before your child digs into their dinner meal. If you should suspect that an eating disorder is behind your child’s lack of appetite, professional assistance is needed to come to a healthy conclusion.


If you are told that your child is anorexic, some parents turn towards herbal remedies to help. When you mix an equal amount of Chen Pi and Bai Zhi tincture in warm water, you may create a decent treatment. Taking two 200 mg capsules of the herb will also help. This remedy should be given to your child three times per day.