White House Evacuated From Possible UFO Intruder!!

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President Bush was move today from the White House to an underground shelter because an Unidentified Flying Objet voilated the NoFly zone around the Capital.

Shortly after, the President returned and the threat dissapeared.  The Government has given no information or details about the unidentified flying object (UFO).  They just said there was evidence that a flying object violated restricted air space, and they are starting an investigation to determine what it was.

Surely if this object was a plane or helicopter, it would have been identified quickly.  People are quite aware of the dangers of violating Federal Protection rules these days, and if it was a plane, I’m sure the Government would have hunted it down already.  There is no doubt that fighter jets would have been dispersed if it was a catchable object.

The statements available so far tell a reader that the Unidentified Flying Object was irregular or unexplainable.  Maybe it was on radar, but than disappeared.  It will be interesting to hear what the Governments says about the incident.

This whole incident might very well be totally explainable, and no evidence point to intelligently controlled space crafts yet.

More info:  http://www.lasvegassun.com/drudged/042704411.html