Who Will Be at the Next Bilderberg Group Meeting?

When it comes to secret societies, one of the richest in the world is known as the Bilderbergers (or Bilderberg Group) ”“ an international organization comprised of about 600 wealthy and influential individuals. Fueled by an advancing movement to achieve domination over the world, the group is in a position to definitely wield a powerful and influential hand across the globe. Every year, a conference of the global elite is held by the Bilderberg Group ”“ typically in the spring/summertime.

Who is a Part of the Bilderbergers?

While many deny the existence of such a super-secret group, it is believed that people in high executive-level positions from all over the world are associated with the society on a deeper, clandestine level. This powerful people hail from some of the most important and influential in politics, education, finance, international business, and the media. The larger, allegedly more permanent group of elite individuals is supposedly led by a highly secretive (largely anonymous) inner circle comprised of about 15 individuals, who are referred to as the Incunabula.

Bilderberg Group Meetings

The Bilderberg Group holds annual meetings where the brightest, wealthiest, and most influential folks across the world gather. The name Bilderbergers comes from the place where the first meeting was held in 1954 ”“ the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, which was hosted by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. It is said that a number of significant personalities representing the European branch of the Illuminati were present at this meeting. The secret meetings held each year continue ”“ every time being held at a different geographical destination. The last conference took place from May 31 to June 3 in Chantilly, Virginia.

The international gathering gained a reputation over the years for being a meeting place of the global elite. At one time, a spokesman for the group, Charles Muller, told journalists that the group discussed issues that affected the Western world, such as Islam, energy management, and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Many believe that the inner circle is nothing more than a collection of Illuminati associates or members. Their ultimate goal is perceived as following a plan for world domination.

In order to achieve this goal, a lot of actions need to take place that involves the United States military force, the national debt, an increase in corporate control, and establishing new economics models. A program to outfit every citizen across the nation with what is called a Universal Biometrics Identification Card has supposedly been discussed. To enforce the Illuminati’s plan of a New World Order, the public may encounter reformed police forces similar to the Gestapo.

The 2011 Meeting

The Bilderbergers meeting of 2011 met at the Suvetta Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland on June 9, where 140 influential bakers, businessmen, politicians, and military leaders gathered. It is said that some of the topics up for discussion included ways to increase profits despite the unrest in the Middle East, Internet censorship as a way to prevent freedom movements, and provoking wars as a way to decrease the worldwide population.

Who Exactly Attends these Meetings?

Royalty, educational leaders, high-ranking global military leaders, and of course politicians, have made up some of the noteworthy people who have attended one or more conferences arranged by the Bilderberg Group. However, the number of people invited to attend concentrates on a small core of people ”“ usually around 120 to 150 people.

An array of recognizable names in the United States has made the trip to at least one conference. Henry Kissinger (the 56th United States Secretary of State) made it to more than 10 meetings ”“ the latest being in 2012. Condoleezza Rice (the 66th United States Secretary of State) attended in 2008.

Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford (both Presidents of the United States) were present at one of the conferences. Senator John Kerry (of Massachusetts), who ran for President at one time, went to a meeting in 2012. Representing American finance, David Rockefeller Sr. (the former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank) was spotted attending a conference.

Other past notable participants from the United States include:

”¢    Jeff Bezos ”“ Founder and CEO of Amazon.com
”¢    Bill Gates ”“ Chairman of Microsoft
”¢    The now-deceased William F. Buckley Jr. ”“ columnist and founder of National Review