Who Would Have Reason to Shut Down LHC?

When reading the incredible claims that the Large Hadron Collider could have been sabotaged by forced beyond the current understanding of the laws of physics, it seems almost too unlikely to the point that any conspiracy theory to follow it would seem significantly more plausible.  With this in mind, let’s jump on the idea and round up the potential suspects in an LHC ‘Whodunnit.’

“Time Travelling God Particles” – Of course this is the theory making the rounds that sounds more like superstition than scientific theory.  Still, keep in mind we’re dealing with concepts that go beyond our current understanding of physics and therefore could somehow be manifesting in a way we don’t quite understand.  The lack of ability to disprove it as well as the interesting idea of a sentient law of physics keeps this topic on the list, but aside from the fact that two scientists suggested it, there’s nothing to really sell us on the idea.

Aliens – Of course Aliens have been visiting us for years, and even harvesting our genetic material and mutilating our livestock.  Now imagine their mortification now that we are on the brink of unlocking some new force of nature that will allow us to create devices that would amaze even Tesla.  Not too thrilled at the idea of vengeful ranchers tracking them down, they decide to toss a monkey wrench into the massive machine.  And who could blame them?  The first thing we did with atomic power was use it to build a weapon.

“The ABC’s of the US Government – Take the CIA, FBI, NSA, and any number of three letter organizations that have been taking the billions of dollars that fall between Uncle Sam’s couch cushions to fund their own research and you create a gap that could be up to 60 years in advance of anything we have that’s declassified.  Suddenly with the Boson particle threatening to equalize the playing field, these organizations would find it beneficial to delay research, or stop it altogether.  Even the story of the “Earth Swallowing black hole” sounds strangely reminiscent of cold war era propaganda.

The Vatican – It seems no conspiracy theory would be complete without referencing The Vatican.  Perhaps the name of the Higgs Boson as the “God Particle” was enough to dispatch a group working for the Vatican to make sure the Boson particle didn’t interfere with church attendance.  Of course this theory seems relatively unlikely as The Vatican becomes more and more progressive on many issues in an effort to reunify secessionist branches and even admits Aliens could be real.

“Energy Concerns” – It seems Big Energy is into the idea of preserving their positions of power in the world, and therefore would be against any potential to discover zero point energy in the next ten or twenty years as a result of black hole creation or anti-gravity drives.  In addition to oil companies that insist on archaic propulsion methods, there are hundreds of others who directly benefit from things staying the way they are now and not changing at all… ever.  It’s the same classic story of why all research toward zero point energy fails, but on a much larger scale.

Everyone in the World – It may sound strange, but what if everyone in the world was connected by an imperceptible neural network or sort of ‘mental internet’ that acted in such a way that it served the purpose of a sort of god-figure?  How difficult would it be for this “over-mind” to effect those working on the LHC, maintaining it and making sure any number of the problems the operation had didn’t happen?  Could our collective apprehension at the LHC’s potential world ending capabilities or even the massive change that may come about as a result of discovering it be hindering its creation?  It seems a great number of people are apprehensive about the project.

Of course the list could go on for many pages, as there’s no shortage of people who stand to gain from the Boson never being discovered.  And it may be revisited as interest in CERN continues to thrive.  It could also just be a series of bad coincidences.  Still, keep in mind that some scientists were quicker to blame an indescribable time traveling force than any sentient organization, human or otherwise.