Who’s for Dinner?

A person who eats the flesh of another person is called a cannibal. Cannibalism is the act of eating another person.  This is what two individuals of Russia did to cover up a crime they committed.  One might think that that is sick enough, But there is more to this story that gets even more stranger.

These two sick cannibals told authorities how the feasted on the remains of a human for six months.  The body that they were feasting on, was that of their brother.  The only reason for the cannibalism was to get rid of the evidence.

The pair was identified by police, only as Timur (28) and Marat (23) G.  They admitted to killing their older brother Rafis and then eating him in central Russian city of Perm.

The police raided the brothers’ house.  The police discovered Rafis’s skeleton, stripped of flesh, buried in the garden.

Timur said he ate his brother to hide the evidence , because he couldn’t face going back to jail.  He had just served a ten year sentence for murdering his next door neighbor.

He said he blamed his brother Rafis for his last ten years in jail.  Rafis was the one who reported the murder of his neighbor t the police.  The fight with Rafis started, because Timur blamed Rafis for his ten years in jail.  As they were fighting, the other brother Marat joined in the fight and they ended up beating their brother to death.

They both panicked and didn’t know what to do.  They talked it over and decided this is what had to be done, in order to cover up the crime.

Timur told police, “We decided to eat him. I did not want to go back behind bars so we cut off his head and buried it and cut up the body parts and kept them in a refrigerator.”

“We have been cooking and eating his meat for six months,” he added.

I guess if they would have got rid of everything, maybe they would have gotten away with the murder.  To think of it,  you cut off the head and bury it in your back yard.  Why would you bury a head in your own back yard?  Secondly, the skeleton is buried in the back yard.  Did these brothers think that if there was no flesh on the bones that the authorities wouldn’t be able to perform a DNA test?  What was going through these brothers heads?  They must have been the two stupidest brothers alive.  Lets eat the flesh and bury the rest of the evidence in the back yard for the police to find.  I don’t know how they thought they were going to get away with murder.